I have to admit, I am a huge lover of makeup brushes. It's amazing that these days there really is a brush for everything, with different brush fibres, colours, handles and more. Although I am naturally drawn to pretty pastel brushes, I would rather have good quality brushes first and foremost. Crownbrush sent over some of their brushes from the Infinity range for me to try out, and to see how they apply my makeup. I was sent six brushes that can pretty much do a full face of makeup, and their makeup wipes to see if they'd take off my makeup well at the end of the day. Crownbrush have been making brushes for over 30 years so my expectations have been pretty high!

The first brush I tried out was the C452 Flat Bronzer/Foundation Brush (£14.99) which I used to apply foundation with, and although it's recommended to use on flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks, I think it does get into the grooves of the face well. I've always loved brushes like this for foundation as they don't leave streaky lines once you've applied liquid foundation. The other large brush is the C450 Pointed Foundation Brush (£18.99) which is made for precise application of liquid or cream foundation, using it under the eyes and nose and in the contours of the face. I actually use this to apply my setting powder with under the eyes, down the bridge of my nose and any other areas I need to mattify.

The C456 Pointed Blender Brush (£6.99) is one of my favourites from the Infinity line and is designed for placing concealer in awkward areas of the face, but again I use this for a different purpose. It is perfect for use in the crease of the eyelid and the brush is so soft that it blends beautifully. The second blender brush is the C457 Round Blender Brush (£5.99) which was made for blending out eyeshadows. It is just so soft and makes blending out your eyeshadow a dream in comparison with other brushes I've used before. It's a great size to work with and I'd highly recommend picking it up.

The C460 Blending Fluff Brush (£5.99) has hairs that are arranged in an oval, firm pointed shape to ensure you get a more defined eye look whilst being capable of blending out powder and cream products out. I love using this brush to apply my base shades as the synthetic hairs really hold the product well and doesn't create much fallout. The brush I've not really reached for has been the C464 Oval Lip Brush (£3.99) purely because I tend to use liquid lipsticks more which already come with a wand. It's a dainty brush that can be used to create a range of different lip looks with but is also useful for applying concealer to small areas such as blemishes on the face.

The Makeup Wipes (£3.99) help remove excess oil, makeup and dirt from the skin and contains 30 wipes per pack. They come in a handy small package and don't leave the uncomfortable tingling sensation that comes from using regular makeup wipes.

Overall I'm quite impressed with the Infinity makeup brushes and the makeup wipes. The brushes are quite similar to the XOBeauty original brushes (I've not tried the new ones yet) in both design and finish. They're soft which is one of the main things I look out for when choosing brushes as I hate the feeling of scratchy brushes, especially near the eye area. I will be keeping my eye out for other brushes like this, but also their makeup palettes too.

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