The New Year can often be the time when you spend a bit of time cleaning up your home after the busy Christmas period. Sometimes it can be nice to add some new aromas to help spruce up your rooms and get it feeling fresh and clean. I've always enjoyed trying out different home pieces and different scents throughout the seasons. Being able to mix things up a little is always good as I tend to find that I either bored of a scent or don't really notice anymore as I've got too used to it. 

Landon Tyler have a good variety of reed diffusers and candles that are available in various scents. The ones I've got are both in the Tuscan Garden which is delicate leafy scent which is a blend of violet and geranium with lemon, ginger and musk and tuberose. It gives off a fresh scent that will enhance the room and the diffuser can last up to 12 weeks. The diffuser comes as a frosted glass bottle that gives a luxurious look and feel to it even though it's only priced at £12.00. 

To supplement the diffuser is the candle (£10.00) in the same scent that is hand poured into the same contempory frosted glass. It could be perfect for another room in the house and will burn for up to 40 hours. I found these to be a nice addition to the bedroom and living room and look much more expensive than they actually are. I actually bought someone quite close to me the reed diffuser for Christmas as I don't think it's got an aged attached to it. It's an all round great scent that I think most people would enjoy. I hadn't heard of Landon Tyler before being sent these to review but I'm really impressed which I don't say lightly about home-based fragrances and I'd definitely try out more of their products in the future. 

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