Products gifted by giffgaff, however, this is not a sponsored post

At this time of year when the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping, a cosy night in is much more tempting than heading out in the cold. It's easy to hibernate over the winter months and you can often forget about making time to see friends and family, so I was excited to receive an email from giffgaff challenging me to reconnect with those close to me by hosting a games night. I decided to invite some family around for an evening of food, fun, and games. Getting people together and spending quality time with one another is something that giffgaff care about as they are really big on 'community'. Being able to get in touch with those close to you is made even easier by the giffgaff free sim cards and great sim only deals so you can send out invites nice and easy. You can choose your plan and are free to change it up each month, whether you want to go for a cheaper plan or bump it up to get more data.

To help with the games night, I was also sent a bunch of goodies to make the evening enjoyable. The Amazon Echo Dot was the ideal gadget to provide some music for the evening as it's so compact you pop it pretty much anywhere, plus the voice control lets you easily control your tunes. Keeping your phone charged is something that can be a pain as we use them so much nowadays, but having a portable charger such as the Anker Powerbar means you can charge up without the need to be near a plug socket. I also received an action cam that could be used to capture some of the funny moments, along with a trophy to be ready for whoever came out on top at game night (which I was unfortunately beaten too!).

As part of the games night package, I received three games made by Big Potato Games. The first was 'Weird Things Humans Search For' which makes you take a guess at what some of the most popular internet searches have been. You'll be given the first half of the search and your job is to try and pick what the other parts have been. I can tell you that I was rather surprised and entertained by some of the answers.

Having some tasty food will always make game nights better. We decided to order some Asian food from Just Eat which arrived just as we were finishing the first game which was ideal. After eating our way through the takeaway we decided to give the Obama Llama 2 game a go. This is all about guessing the rhyming charade, while it's being described or acted out to you. I think my favourite had to be "Severus Snape eating a grape" as this provided some great laughs while my Dad was trying to act this one out.

The last game recieved was Bucket of Doom which is an adult party game that is based around planning your escape from a range of scenarios. You have a bunch of object cards (which are completely random) and you somehow have to figure out which would be the best way out. Everyone gives their go at making their best escape and then you all vote on who's you think was the best. This game also provided some very interesting answers during the evening. The games night I hosted was a great way to get family together for some quality time and was grateful to giffgaff for providing the games and goodies to make the evening a success. Why don't you give it an go and get some friends and family round for an entertaining games night?

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