My 2020 Resolutions

When I think of resolutions for the new year, there's a few that come to mind. I have a huge occasion this year, I'm getting married! I got engaged just over two years ago now and it's finally coming up to the time to tie the knot. So including this, here are a few resolutions for this year.

Finishing making the wedding invitations. Honestly, we've been so behind on this. We didn't even give half the save the dates out because there were quite a few stressful times last year and we just put everything aside. We have made our wedding invitations from scratch which has made the process quite long. I painted two pictures and we used them and added vellum paper and rose gold foil. We did this mostly to save money but we have completely unique invitations which we love.

Make the boards for the wedding. We need an Unplugged Ceremony board then a seating plan for the evening along with programmes outlining the whole day so I guess I need to sort all this out within the next three months.

Get my health sorted. In the last half of the year, my heart has seemed to be playing games with me and been making me feel faint and dizzy. I've had an ECG but I've now been referred to Cardiology to potentially do a 5 day ECG and more tests to see what is going on. I'm on medicine to lower my blood pressure but since my cholesterol and other blood tests have come in good they're not really sure what is going on. I'm so thankful for my Doctor, she is a blessing. Hopefully I can get some answers soon and get on the right track. 

Start painting and drawing properly. I know that I can make pretty designs and I'm hoping to start an Etsy shop soon to turn these into prints. I can already make foiled prints and some other bits so I'm hoping with practice I can start earning money from this creative outlet.

Keep blogging and collab with some great brands. I've already spoken about the last year being stressful and this is the reason I didn't blog as much in 2019. I have my fingers crossed that this will be a great year and I can continue blogging and working with some fantastic brands and companies.