With everything going on at the minute, celebrating Father's Day will be a little different this year. Many of us won't have seen our beloved Dads in person for quite a while and may have been restricted to video calls for catch-ups. Even though we can't celebrate in the same way as we normally would, you'll still be wanting to give your dad something nice so they know how much you value them. You might be wondering how to go about getting something for your Dad while things are normal at the moment, so I've teamed up with Moonpig to help you find all the things you'll need this year. They have a great selection of cards and gifts all in one place to make things much easier to find the perfect items. Moonpig has even picked out some of their favourite cards and gifts that you can buy your Dad this Father's Day. 

You might wonder how to celebrate this year while not being able to physically see your Dad, but there are a number of ways you could do this. Hosting a quiz on video call is a fun way to catch up, and if your dads are anything like mine and Andy's they love being able to recall loads of random facts. You can make a quiz up yourself using facts from the internet or visit websites like Sporcle, or for interactive game using Kahoot. My Dad is currently a primary school teacher and Andy's Dad is a retired primary school teacher so this might have something to do with their curiosity and memory recall so we know that they would love to do a quiz or two on Father's Day this year. Other ideas are for you and your Dad to each get takeaways and virtually watch a movie or TV show together. If you each set the film going and get on a video call you can chat about it together just as if you were in the same room. I know that we'll definitely be doing some quizzing on Father's Day and I've been busy putting together a selection of questions to test their knowledge and might have to get a Chinese takeaway which my family loved doing together before lockdown hit.

Andy and I celebrate Father's Day by giving gifts and cards jointly to each of our Dads. Since I met Andy's dad and he met mine 7 years ago (although Andy's Dad will argue it's technically 8 years since I met him before I met Andy when he helped move Andy into our University halls in first year), we have always treated them as Father-in-law's, I mean technically we should have been married by now and they would have been officially Father-in-law's but nevertheless, we have always thought of them that way. In this post, I've featured cards and gifts for both Dads and the choice that Moonpig offer meant that we could easily tailor to both. When picking a card I always tend to go for pretty ones with nice messages. I love moons and stars and my Dad likes all things space and astronomy so this card seemed a perfect fit. It also contains a slight humorous message which I think he will like. Andy on the other hand always tries to find a funny and jokey type card. He's always been the cheeky member of the family and likes to reflect this in the cards he gets, and already knows that his Dad will find this one hilarious. The great thing about Moonpig is that they offer a whole range of cards including personalised and photo upload ones while catering for cards for Dads, Grandads and Stepdads alike.

When it comes to gifts, finding some you know they will like is going to be important. Luckily for you, Moonpig has made this process much easier with different sections for the various types of presents you can get so you can find the one that is just right for your Dad. They offer gifts including; gift sets, chocolate, alcohol, games and music/tv/film-themed items. For my Dad, the first gift I picked out was the Duvel Degustation Box which contains two different types of Duvel beer and a distinctive Tulip glass to enjoy them from. It's a great little set with some nice premium Belgium beer. Other beers and lagers are also available so you should be able to find one to match your Dad's favourite tipple. The other item I chose was the 'I Love You' Toblerone. My Dad isn't much of a chocolate person but can't resist a bar of this. I thought the message along the bar was really cute and added a nice touch to a gift that I know he will love. 

Andy decided to choose the Cartwright & Butler Triple Choc Chunk Biscuits because his Dad loves absolutely anything chocolatey so these were the perfect fit. They come in a nice tin that can be reused afterwards to store other items or more biscuits for that matter. They can be perfect to pop on the side in your kitchen to store things that you want to be handy. With it only being a week until Father's Day, it will be worth having a look on Moonpig for gifts and cards that you would like to give your Dad. The great thing about ordering from them is that you can choose to either get it delivered to you if you live with your father or want to wrap it yourself and drop it on their doorstep, or alternatively you can have it sent straight to them. I hope you all manage to celebrate Father's Day this year, whether you are doing this remotely via a video call or are able to see them in person.

Post contains press samples from Moonpig