Valentines Day is going to be a little different with everything going on at the moment. Going out to a restaurant for dinner is out of the question so many of us will be looking for alternatives. For some, we may be having a virtual Valentine's Day if we aren't able to see our partner, but whatever your plan is you can still make it a nice day to enjoy together. JACK'S supermarket is here to help with your plans this year to get your everything you need for a cosy night in and have asked me to go and find some things so I can still enjoy Valentine's Day. They have a range of products and gifts that will be perfect for your evening to help you celebrate. They are giving amazing value by providing great-tasting food at the lowest possible prices to get you more for your money - you'll be amazed by how much you can get at JACK'S for £30. 

My partner Andy, and I both have a sweet tooth so we thought we'd treat ourselves to a few dessert items this Valentine's Day. One of the items was a You Bake Me Crazy cast iron brownie skillet baking kit (£6). I thought this would be a cute little activity to do together and then you get some warm brownie to eat, what's not to like? I also picked up some Ferrero Rocher (£3.99) as these are one of my favourite chocolates and I couldn't resist popping some in my basket. As well as some items to pick at, I gave in to my love for a crumble and picked up the JACK'S Apple Crumble (£2.09) which was perfect to enjoy with some custard. The last food item I went for was the JACK'S Toffee and Pecan Roulade (£4) as these are two of my favourite flavours when it comes to desserts. All of these dessert items were really tasty and came at a great price. In order to create a nice romantic mood I also picked up a few bits to add to the table. A bunch of roses (£5) were a given, and a Strawberries & Cream Yankee Candle (£6) provided a nice scent and some romantic lighting, and I thought the Neon Heart Light (£6) was a little bit of a cheesy decoration to finish things off.

Even though I picked out some sweet treats for my Valentine's evening, there are other options you could go for including the Dine-in-Deal which gives you all of the following for only £10; Le Rustique Camembert, JACK'S bake at home baguettes 2 pack, JACK'S tender 100 British beef steaks, JACK'S creamy mashed potatoes, JACK'S green vegetable medley, and JACK'S melting middle chocolate sponge pudding. If you fancied some fizz for your romantic evening in, you can pick up the Canti Prosecco Spumante which is currently on offer at £6.50 or the Prospero Leggero Secco Rosato which is down to £5.50, and both are available up to the 14th of February 2021 so don't miss them. Alternatively, you could opt for a nice bottle of Bosford Rosé Gin for only £14.

Flowers are always a nice addition for a romantic evening and there is a great range available which all have a 7-day freshness guarantee, with bouquets to suit all budgets. You can get a single red rose for just £1, a bright rainbow rose for just £1.50, a dozen red roses for £5 or you could go for the luxury dozen red rose bouquet for only £8. JACK'S have a range of own-brand great quality products to choose from so you can tailor your Valentine's Day to your own taste. They also stock 'Britains Favourite Brands' at outstanding prices so you'll have plenty of choices for you to pick from. When it comes to picking up your essential shopping this week, why not pop into your local JACK'S supermarket and pick up some extra treats to make your Valentine's night in that little bit more special. 

This is a sponsored post and it contains press samples but all views are my honest opinions