Daisy London is a jewellery brand from the UK that create pieces that they feel are missing from jewellery collections. They launched in 2009 on Portobello Road with the name Daisy London; inspired by wildflowers and has grown from a small business to a cult favourite. I love how they've blended together bohemian style with contemporary fashion. It's a brand made by women and they want the brand to represent us all. All their jewellery comes with a 6-month warranty, so you know you're in good hands. The rings I've kindly been gifted have come from the Esteé Lalonde collection which is their third collaboration now, as I just couldn't resist the theme. When I was watching YouTube a lot I used to watch Esteé's vlogs, so it's nice to see she is doing well and helping to make beautiful jewellery. On the Daisy London website there is a page on how to keep your jewellery clean and beautiful which is fabulous as this is often not provided.

The first ring I chose from the Esteé Lalonde collection is the Goddess Hexagonal Ring (18Ct Gold Plate) £49 which is a cocktail ring with 18ct gold-plated silver with a carved border and the lunar goddess symbol within the hexagon. It has a slim band which is perfect for me. If you know me, I love all things celestial, so this ring was the first one I chose. If you're more into different colours, it also comes in silver. The Goddess collection includes bracelets, earrings and necklaces too, which I'm so tempted by! I have to remind myself I am saving for my wedding. I just love the full moon and crescent moon design with what I see as like a moonbeam coming from behind them. For some reason I really love hexagons too, I'm even fitting bathroom tiles in this shape. It just looks different and that's exactly what I love about Daisy London's jewellery. These rings are a fusion of vintage and modern style which is right up my street, and I'm sure it's up your street too.

The second ring I chose was the Estée Lalonde Mini Sunburst Shield Ring (18Ct Gold Plate) £49. It reminds me of the 1920's Art Deco style which I adore. If you're into subtle designs with a bit of a twist, this is the ring for you. According to Daisy London, it symbolises positivity and happiness, with the sunburst engraved within the shield. Along with the Goddess Collection, the Sunburst Collection contains necklace, bracelets and earrings too which are also available in silver. The rings go from size XS to XL which covers UK sizes from J to S. I am usually an O (if you've seen my engagement ring its Q 1/4 as it's American and it's too big now!) so I chose an L to make sure it was the right fit and wasn't too tight. Daisy London has a sizing guide and also teach you how to measure your fingers to find out what size you are. If you wear rings on multiple fingers this comes in handy!

The products in the Esteé Lalonde collection range from £19 to £408, with the higher prices for the necklace layering sets. If you're not looking for layering sets, the prices go up to £179 which I think is great for a jewellery company in the UK. There are pieces that are affordable for everyone. They are also working hard to be as sustainable as they can, which is a must-have in this current climate. Daisy London's jewellery is made from 100% recycled silver and packaging is made from FSC approved paper. They are continuing to work with factories to limit the amount of plastic used whilst maintaining their high standard of hygiene. Daisy London is working with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to minimise the impact of their jewellery on the environment. There is a whole page on sustainability here, where you can read their environmental statement. I'm really thankful for Daisy London for working with me, and I hope more people can support their business, given the impact of the last year or so. I'm definitely going to be checking them out when it comes to gift-giving over the next year, as I have a lot of people who like jewellery who might be interested in their lovely products. I hope in the future Daisy London will consider creating rose gold jewellery too, now that would be beautiful!

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