Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year as it has so many fun and festive activities. I've been really excited to put up our Christmas tree that it went up in the middle of November as I couldn't wait until December. We have a tradition in our house of me, my partner and my little sister decorating our tree together, including picking our theme for that year and choosing from our selection of baubles and tree decorations to suit. My partner will always lift my little sister up to complete the tree by putting the star on the top. It's so cute to see them do this each year and it nicely starts our countdown to Christmas. I've always loved buying presents for people, there is just something about searching for and buying gifts for people and seeing the smile on someone's face when they open a gift they love. When it comes to this time of year it's great as I get to shop for gifts for multiple people. My partner has said to me before that I'd make a good professional present buyer as I always seem to find good options for people. 

When it comes to giving people Christmas cards I always like to spend some time to pick out a nice design that are special and good quality. I like to be able to choose from a good range of designs so I can find the perfect one. Being able to choose your festive cards from the comfort of your own home can make things easier and more relaxing, particularly when the alternative is heading out in the cold weather. It's great to work with brands over Christmas that will help you out with finding the perfect Christmas card. I got to pick out a pack of Christmas cards from Aura Print, who are a printing company that operate across the UK & Europe as well in the United States. They have been around since 2007 and offer a whole host of printing services for all your printing needs and want to offer high quality print at an affordable price. The design that I chose is a white card with a snow globe on the front with text "Wishing you the happiest Christmas ever". It's a simple design but will stand out against a lot of the bright red Christmas cards you will see. On the inside it says "Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling". There is plenty of room to write your own message in which is something I always look for. They have a great selection to pick from so you shouldn't have trouble finding one you like. If you fancied putting a personal touch to your Christmas cards and using your own designs then you can print your own Christmas cards which allows you to upload your own designs and let Aura Print do the rest. Don't forgot to also check out their gift tags offering as you could match your card to your tags.

One of the other things I love about this time of year is getting all cosy on the sofa and watching Christmas films. There are a few films that I'll always like to watch each year which include Christmas with the Kranks, Polar Express and the first two Home Alone films. I don't normally enjoy watching rom-coms or family films, but when it comes to Christmas I'll always enjoy sticking on some of the cheesy feel-good Christmas films and snuggling up with a hot chocolate and some Christmas cookies with my family and friends. We will always pick a film to watch on Christmas eve in our matching Christmas PJ's to settle down and help build up that excitement for the big day. I think it also helps you to unwind ahead of the busy day particularly if you are hosting like us.

One of my favourite memories around Christmas was when I was 18 and it was my little sisters first Christmas at only 2 months old. I'd had so many years where everyone was more grown up so being able to see it from an adult perspective for a little baby was the cutest thing. And of course I got her some adorable little Christmas pyjamas to wear. I'd always like to sit down and help her write Christmas cards and as she got a little older I'd encourage her to write some nice words in the cards as it can mean so much to someone when they read a special message in their card. Don't forgot when it comes to shopping for your Christmas cards this year to check out Aura Print as I'm sure you'll be able to find a design you love or even try your hand at designing your own cards and let them print them out for you so you can show off your creative talents to family and friends. I hope you all enjoy the festive season and have a lovely Christmas.

This is a sponsored post and contains press samples