The boyfriend and I spent Valentine's Day in Edinburgh! We decided to go to the zoo as I have a slight obsession with Pandas...
After looking at all the animals and having lunch we got the bus back into town and went for a wander. I picked up a few bits from Primark for my new flat next year.
It began raining so we went for a Costa when deciding what to do next. It was so funny looking at little dates going on around you, you could see how awkward some people were, so adorable. One lad wore a full suit, just for his Costa date, bringing a small bunch of roses for his blonde haired girl.

We ended wandering around the shops near Edinburgh station. Originally we had planned to go to the Edinburgh Dungeons, but as our table for dinner was booked we thought we would have to just go another time.

Come 6pm we wandered to dinner. It was so cold! On arrival we got a glass of prosecco and began chatting for the whole 2 1/2 hours we were there, making our way through a cheeky three-course meal. All paid for by my boyf, bless him.

A had bought me a gorgeous Guess rose gold bangle-bracelet (I wouldn't know how to categorize it) and a dozen roses. Considering this was our first Valentines it went pretty good. It is nice to feel special with someone you love.

I am so grateful of his small gestures, there is nothing I hate more than girls expecting hundreds of pounds spent of them just as it is another holiday. The day is to spend quality time with the one you love, not to be spoilt with meaningless presents.

Anyway, we had a lovely time and I can't wait for our next little adventure!

Hope you liked my first personal post!