Hey lovelies. I've been looking at buying new perfumes for a while and decided my next one has to be Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Until that day arrives (next student loan day), I thought I'd share my current favourites. They are quite common and I know a lot of people who particularly love them. Here they are!

Princess by Vera Wang (buy here)
CK Shock for her by Calvin Klein (buy here)

Hands down, Princess is my favourite perfume. I'm a big lover of sweet smells and this is amazing. I may also love it from my inner child-lover of princesses and sparkly things, and the design of this bottle definitely appeals to that. It may not be the most sophisticated styles but it is just so pretty! I've gone through 3 bottles of this and I'm at the very end of this one too, so I need to repurchase ASAP.

It's hard to put down in words what ck Shock smells like. It claims hints of blackberry and liquid chocolate but to me it isn't as sweet as that. It is still lovely though. The bottle looks a bit more sleek, but the only thing that annoys me is it comes with a screw cap, and the pump comes separate. It is in the same box, but I'd prefer to have a lid on top of the pump, as I've lost the tiny screw cap so putting this in my handbag is proving difficult as I don't want it to press against something and leak everywhere. Despite this flaw, it does smell pretty good.

I think Daisy by Marc Jacobs is definitely going to be my next scent, but if you have any recommendations feel free to let me know in the comments!
Happy Sunday guys