Happy Easter lovelies!

A some of you may know I've just been to York and I picked up the odd bit, then I came back to my hometown (Liverpool) for a week or so. I've been shopping a few times but thought I'd show you all in a collective haul instead of loads of random posts!

Also I apologise for lack of posts, I have my second year exams coming up in 2 weeks and I am stressing/revising/procrastinating!

Fashion Haul

Gingham Skort from New Look £17.99  
This is amazing, and I love it, but I am not loving how short they are. I know they are shorts really, but being a more skirt person it did alarm me how much my pins were on show! For now I'm wearing these with some black tights and my gold sandals which I think is more appealing to the public eye...

Gingham/Check Skater Dress from New Look - reduced to £10
I went for a browse in York's New Look and discovered this on sale! I thought it would be perfect for when I'm having one of 'those days' where I don't know what to wear so I can throw it on and pair it with almost any colour shoes and accessories.

Powder Blue Midi Skirt from Primark £10
I can't wait to pair this with little flat shoes and a white cami!

I also did a little bit of shopping in Primark... I bought the white heart cushion for £3, the powder blue skirt (as above), a navy bag (see below) and a set of floral towels which come in different sizes ranging from £1.50 for flannels (I think) up to £8ish for a normal sized towel.

 Navy Blue Handbag from Primark £12
I've seen other bloggers talk about this as a Zara dupe, but I'm not a huge Zara shopper so I wouldn't know! I love the way this has two zip pockets as well as a middle compartment, and also a strap so you can wear it over your shoulder.

Sunglasses from New Look £4.99
These were the last pair in York! I saw them and fell in love with them. They're slightly bigger than I anticipated but nonetheless look better on me than any other type of glasses in my opinion. I have a sort of heart shape/circle head so these definitely look better than square lenses that make it super obvious I have a weird shaped head!

Gingham Bikini from Kelly Brook at New Look 
Top £16.99 (here)
Bottoms £10.99 (here)
As a person who has trouble buying bikinis and bras I mostly opt for Kelly Brooks Range. I bought a 36DD (by accident I'm supposed to be a 34E) and a size 10 in bottoms. Although the back size is the tiniest bit big on me, the cups fit fine and I'm not scared of them popping out!

I've not owned a red lingerie set before so when this was on sale in New Look for £9 bra and £3 thong I snapped it up!

5 Pairs of Tights from F&F at Tesco £3.50 (bought in store)
As it is still Spring and not Summer, contrary to popular belief from seeing people in beachwear this week, I am still wearing tights with skirts/dresses so I'm not as cold. I have laddered all of my tights lately so it is vital that I bought some 'run resist' tights and I heard Tesco was good for tights!

Beauty Haul

If any of you read my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation you'll know that I didn't have a good time with it. Rimmel kindly enough sent me the Match Perfect Foundation* to try to see if this was better than the Wake Me Up Foundation. I will be doing a mini review on this soon!

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream £9.99 from Superdrug
I bought this after seeing a lot of great reviews about it and will be doing a review soon! So far so good though!
L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution and Superdrug Cotton Wool Pads
I bought these to help fight my facewipe addiction and to try to cleanse my face properly. Mini review coming up soon on this (I should probably just do one big review...)
Barry M Aquarium Collection in Mermaid
When I saw this advertised I just imagined myself as a nail polish and this was the result. Blue and sparkly - amazing. I've also ordered two more from the Aquarium Collection to be delivered soon!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette £37
I had been lusting after this for soooo long and when I saw on Cohorted it was down to £18.50 for one night I snapped it up instantly. So far I've used it once but my favourites are Trick and Nooner.

Revlon Colourburst Balms
I bought these from Superdrug but can't for the life of me remember how much they were, but aside this flaw I will be doing a mini review soon. I am loving the deep plum colour more at the moment but they are perfect for popping in your handbag!

I hope you've enjoyed reading that long haul! This has been my first collective haul but not my last... I do plan on buying many many more things in the future, I promise.

I'm assuming people will be reading this while chomping on your Easter eggs (I'm jealous, I've had none today, yes you read that right!) so I will envy you but at the same time be glad you have read up until this point without getting incredibly bored, and I thank you for that.