Hello Lovelies,

First off I want to thank Laura for letting me write a post for her blog, I had a lot of fun doing this, not onto the post!

If you’re a fellow beauty blogger, or just the makeup obsessed then you know that there are always new product launches about ever week. Each of them entices you into wanting to buy some of their products, or maybe you just add it to your ever-growing wish list of products. I feel like everyday I see some kind of product either on fellow blogs or featured in a Youtube video that sparks my interest and it usually ends up on a list of products that I would love to get my hands on.

While purchasing new beauty items is completely fun, after a while you may notice a bit of a problem(s): running out of room to store all these items, your bank account looking a bit thin, or if you’re like me you notice that products you used to be obsessed with have gotten pushed to the side lines in favor for something newer and flashier. So today instead of spending my time looking at the ‘New In’ page on Sephora, I’m opening up my drawers and taking a look at some items that may be collecting some dust. Here are some of the things I rediscovered!

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (old packaging): This was actually my very first eye shadow palette, most of the shades either have a bit of pan showing or they have a hefty dent in them. It’s the perfect blend of matte and shimmer shades for anyone who loves a bit of a bronzey eye. This will definitely be back in my regular rotation!

Stilla Collage of Color Lip and Cheek Palette: This was a gift from my lovely friend Michelle, and I used to use it all the time last winter when my skin was a bit dry – but looking at how these are swatching and blending on the skin, I know I’ll be getting a bit of cream blush on in the coming weeks.

Philosophy the present: This primer is absolutely lovely – like a one stop shop. It hold your makeup in place (almost too well), smooths over lines and pores, and has a bit of a skin care punch so it’s actually good for your skin. I’m not sure why this always gets cast aside, probably due to my own laziness of not wanting another step in my routine. But with this heat I know I’ll be getting use out of this little guy!
These are just a few things that I’ve pulled from the depths of my drawers, next time you go to make a purchase, maybe take a second look at what you already have at home, you never know what you may rediscover.

Until next time . . . XOXO Veronica