Hey Guys,
I'm sure plenty of you have seen the recent, very negative article that I won't link to, about Zoe Sugg tonight. I wanted to put forward my opinions, since I have been tweeting a fair bit about it too.

My nan always used to say to me as a child "Say something nice, or say nothing at all" which I've lived by through my entire life. We all snap when we're frustrated and I'm sure a lot of us have said things we don't mean, and apologised. But there's a huge difference by giving your opinion to one person, to writing an article about one individual, creating controversy, and the potential for a lot more negative comments.

I've personally been bullied before, by multiple people and it's horrible. I'd never wish it upon anyone. So for someone to describe that someone's username made their "stomach churn" is just a dramatic and cruel thing to say. And that's just in the opening sentence. For me, Zoe is a role model, despite what this author thinks, and is a huge inspiration to females all over the world. She's helped people cope with mental illnesses, and taught me a thing or two about how to do a fishtail braid.

I won't go on about how immoral it is to slate everything about a person, because we all know it's wrong, even to the extent where trolling and cyberbullying are being put into law. I'm a huge believer in Karma and positive vibes, without sounding like a "hippie" and the blogging community support over this controversial topic, and several others is so heart warming.

Openly telling someone how you feel in the hope it relieves others is such a courageous thing to do, considering there is still such a stigma over mental health. I am not open about my feelings all over the internet, but watching Zoe's videos about anxiety help me and I'm pretty sure they help others.

I'm so proud of her and plenty of other bloggers/vloggers who are doing well for themselves, as the work we all put into this as a "hobby" or even a career is time consuming, with a huge need for motivation and dedication. We don't need the irony of someone promoting "feminism" by publicly hating on another woman. But we can all stick together in the hope that blogging will be more of a respected hobby and career in the future.

Apologies if this touches a nerve, but I believe children should look up to her and every other positive blogger out there, as it shows how much hard work outside education can help benefit your life, develop your writing and photography skills, and go towards extra experience on your CV.
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