Having a major sweet tooth can both bring great pleasure and misfortunes. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I have never really failed at baking, purely because I watch way too many baking and cooking programmes. I usually know roughly how to bake certain recipes and what to look out for. BuySend.com were kind enough to let me review their Waffle Maker £24.95* to see whether I could put this knowledge into practice. I followed a fabulous recipe from the lovely Gemma if you want to check that out to have a go yourself.

First off, the instructions didn't say exactly how much mixture to put in. I tried different amounts until I realised that I needed to put in as much as would fit in (including spilling out of the sides, oops). I sprayed the insides with low cal spray just so they wouldn't stick and then realised that since it is a stove top appliance (which resulted in a delay in me being able to make them which is completely my own fault for not checking first) I realised I would have to flip the waffle maker. As an EDS sufferer I thought this would be a particularly hard challenge for my motor skills but apparently I am stronger than I thought!

It took about 5 waffles for me to get the temperature of the hob, the right amount of mixture and to evenly cook both sides but I did it! After moving house in August then going on a ten day holiday meant that I have managed to misplace the maple syrup which wasn't great! On the plus side, for some reason the waffles taste more like pancakes both to taste and texture so adding a sprinkle of sugar was nice enough. I have no idea why they didn't feel like waffles but again, that's probably down to not using the appliance often to be able to tell what the perfect way to use it was. As you can see from above, I did slightly overcook one waffle...

In the end, they looked like waffles and they tasted nice. Next time I'll use my brain and go for plug in appliances since they usually have a set temperature and less room to go wrong but I'll definitely get a lot of use out of this stove top one for now. BuySend.com also have a lot of baking and non-baking products (such as good value fancy dress items that I'm definitely going to check out if you want a nose). They also have a voucher code that is valid for the next 12 months - simply add BUYSEND10 at the checkout to receive 10%  off all products!

Have you made waffles before?

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