Be more adventurous with photography.
Last year I bought my third lens for my Olympus Pen, and a Macro Converter too. I'm hoping this year I can use my photography kit to take better beauty shots, photos of food, travel pics and just so much more. I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone and take some incredible photos.

Manage my pain better.
I have my own techniques for managing chronic pain but I'd like to try new things out to see how they affect my body. I've already tried Pilates but I think trying out Yoga would be great for my body and my mind.

Daily blog.
Since I work on the blog full time, it doesn't always mean I'm posting every day. I'm setting myself the goal to write every day, even if it's a photo diary with a bit of text. I'm hoping to write about more beauty releases and travel features too.

Begin to freelance more.
I started my freelance journey in December and I'm ready to research into more opportunities and see what I can offer the world. I really enjoy writing and transcribing so I have my fingers crossed that I can make my own place in the freelancing community.

Start writing about wedding planning.
If you haven't seen my Twitter or Instagram, last month I got engaged! I'm over the moon and I couldn't be more happy right now. I've done a few pieces on weddings but now that I can plan my own out I'll definitely be featuring it on this blog soon.

Get a proper skincare routine in place.
This is one of the most difficult goals for me. I have combination skin that got really unhealthy when I was sick for the last quarter of the year. I need to set a proper routine in place to clear my skin up and balance the hydration/excess oil situation out.

Push for what's best blog-wise.
It frustrates me so much when bloggers accept sponsored posts (with dodgy links too!) for like £10 as it makes a ton of brands/prs offer really low rates. This year I need to stick to my guns - if people want sponsored posts on my blog then I need to be firm with my rates. Quality over quantity I say. Plus I shouldn't be spending hours on posts without good pay..

Buy a house.
Possibly the biggest goal for this year is to my a house with Andy. We had a little flat when we were in uni together but since moving home to my Dad's we've been saving for our own house to hopefully stay in until we're old and grey. We'll be staying in Liverpool and we've already seen a few houses that we're keeping our eye on. If you have tips for first time buyers feel free to let me know!

Have a weekend away.
I prefer little weekend trips compared to week or two-week long ones, but I'd love to just go to one place this year so we can still save money. As much as I want to go back to Berlin I think I need to explore Italy or maybe somewhere else in Poland.

Wash my makeup brushes more.
I was so bad at this last year that this is kind of like a guilty admission to make me wash them more. It's probably one of the reasons that my skin has been bad in the past few months too, so I need to make use of my beauty washing tools.

Vlog more.
I already vlog along with Andy for our travel YouTube and we need to start filming more. We don't do chatty vlogs, they're more showcasing different places and filming some arty shots so it's not like we have to prepare ourselves for what we have to say.

Track blog stats monthly.
I have done this on and off the past few years and the blog turns 4 next month so I need to keep track of stats more to see what works and what doesn't. I mean I know roughly, and you'd hope so by now, but with plenty of social media accounts to look at I could do with a more detailed chart.

Adopt 2 dogs.
This comes with getting a house but I'd love to adopt two dogs once we have a place. My family dog Charlie was adopted from the RSPCA in 2008 and she's still living her best life but I did wish she had a friend. My Dad can't accommodate another so I hope when we're looking for dogs we're able to have two at the same time.

Practice calligraphy.
My best friend bought me two calligraphy books for Christmas so that I can start practicing in order to make our wedding invitations. I'd love to create cards and prints too so the quicker I start, the better.

Host an engagement party.
Hopefully in April we'll be able to host a party with both of our families together to celebrate. Despite being together almost five years there are still quite a lot of people who haven't met eachother yet and I feel like this needs to be done before the wedding!

Take photos on my phone more.
This goes without saying that my iPhone 6S doesn't really cut it, and I'm going to get an iPhone 8 Plus if all things go to plan. I've seen that the camera can take some amazing photographs on it, and with this I'd be able to post on Instagram more often.

Start driving lessons.
I've said this for the past 7 years now but I really need to learn how to drive. I'm 25 this year and I should have already learned by now. It would be great to be driving around in a car by myself, just imagine all the blog prop shopping I could do!

Save up for a new laptop.
I've been sharing a laptop with Andy since 2015 and we really need two to both be able to blog. I was thinking about getting a Chromebook as it could be used just for typing posts up, but I've seen laptops with good storage on them for a fair bit cheaper. I'll have to look out for some good deals.