Like many other people, I have a skincare routine to keep my face cleansed and have different products to do this. Looking after your face seems to be a normal thing to do but there are other parts of the body that you wouldn't neccessarily think about. Taking care of your feet is more important that you might realise. We use them everyday and can take quite a lot of abuse, from getting squeezed into high heels to sliding into a pair of unsupportive flip flops. 

Magnitone have created a Well Heeled Express Pedicure System to help take care of your feet. Priced at £24.99, I feel that its an affordable and value for money product from a well-known brand. It's designed to sucessfully and gently buff away the rough and hard skin on your feet to keep them nice and smooth. It has two different dome-shaped micro-crystal rollers that give you the choice between a rough and slightly smoother one. The first thing I noticed was how light and compact it is, which makes it much easier to use and means it could be taken away as a travel item. 

It's powered by two AA batteries (included) so you can start using it straight out the box. The rollers spin at an impressive 2000 times per minute to remove dry skin quickly without damaging your feet. I found it easy to clean when you had finished using it as the roller head simply popped off with the push of a button and clicked back in place with the same ease. When using the product, you only need to lightly press into the area you are concentrating on to achieve the desired affect. The shape of the pedicure system allows you to hold it in a natural position which is great as you don't end up with sore wrists after use. I feel that this product is perfect for anyone who would like to take care of their feet and always have them smooth with little effort.

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