With less than a week to go, Valentine's Day is going to be my best one yet. I'm engaged, I'm far more confident than I was a year ago and I've been stepping my makeup game up a notch. Why bother showcasing a ton of lipsticks to wear that I probably won't pick out on the day, when I can show you some of the highest quality ones? I tend to go for either of two lip colours on days like Valentine's; a simple nude in case I smudge my lippy all over my face, or a bold red whilst remembering that I need to consume all drinks with a straw. Either way, here are a few shades I'd personally recommend from Charlotte Tilbury.

The two red shades I love are both from the Matte Revolution range; Love Liberty and Red Carpet Red. Love Liberty is described as a 'berry pink matte lipstick' but definitely comes off more red-pink on my lips. It has rosy undertones which make it quite different from the classic bold red shade if that's what you prefer. Red Carpet Red is a 'true ruby red matte lipstick' and screams glamour from the old Hollywood days. The main reason I love the Matte Revolution lipsticks is that it softens and protects the lips to hydrate them, so you have a matte finish without completely drying them out like a lot of other matte lippies. They're long-lasting thanks to the oils, waxes and triglycerides and you can precise application from the angled tip so even when the lipstick wears down you'll still have that square tip. I tend to use a Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat liner underneath and the colours stay bold and bright. Other great reds from Charlotte Tilbury are So Marilyn (a bombshell red), Shanghai Nights (a deep rich sultry red), Dangerous Liaison (a warm rusty rose) and Legendary Queen (a soft neutral wine).

If you're more of a nude-coloured gal, shades like Bitch Perfect from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range are perfect. Bitch Perfect is a peach-toned nude and really brings out my blue eyes and pale skin. I think nudes really differ depending on your skin colour but then again, you should wear whatever shade you want. The K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks have light-diffusing pigments to give your lips a multi-dimensional finish to capture the light and reflect it back for a full-bodied effect. The 'Lipstick Tree extracts' nourish the lips to protect them from UV damage and keeps them lovely and smooth. They also contain a special blend of waxes to make the lipstick glide over the lips to maintain the rich colour without bleeding outside of the lip line. For further prevention of bleeding you can use a Lip Cheat in the corresponding colour. More nudes to choose from are Pillow Talk (a dreamy nude pink), American Sweetheart (a naturally tawny pink), Best Actress (a creamy brown nude), and Kidman's Kiss (a rose petal-pink). Rachel from Beauty And The Bird has reviewed Bond Girl which is another stunning shade.

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