I'm someone who has a major sweet tooth. My Great Nan used to give me 50p to buy a treat from the shop when I was little and pretty much most of the time I'd buy as many Freddos I could. Although I'm not as bad now, aside from the fact that Freddos are a ripoff, I do tend to look for something sweet to have after tea. I go to my Nan's house and she offers me a chocolate digestive, I have dessert in a restaurant and I'll have something chocolate based, or be snuggling up with a blanket and enjoying a hot chocolate. It seems to be everywhere and sometimes your body really needs a break from it all. 

Two years ago I gave it up for Dechox and here I am doing it again. This time I've roped Andy in to do it as well. It's not just chocolate you give up during the month of March, but anything with cocoa in which can be pretty at hard at times. The challenge is to make it through the whole month while raising money for The British Heart Foundation, and together our goal is to hit £300. I really hope we can hit or even surpass our goal, and you can donate via the website or via text. To text donate send a message "ASLH50" then the amount so £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to the number 70070.

It's going to be a tough challenge but I'm ready to take it on and push through. I did it in 2016 and I felt so empowered knowing that for a whole month I can give up something I love and donate to charity for it. Every time I raise money for charity I donate myself too. After the month is up I might just have to indulge in some chocolate brownies to celebrate. Please click the button below and sponsor me even if it's £1, after all it's cheaper than a hot chocolate!