I've never been one to drink a lot but when I do fancy something alcoholic, I'm often tempted by a glass of wine. Although I have this as a nice treat, when you consume liquids it's often easy to forget how bad they can be for you. A large glass of wine can be the equivalent of a slice of chocolate cake which makes you think a bit differently about what you are drinking. There will be occasions when it's nice to enjoy some wine, so having something that's not quite as bad for you is one less thing for you to worry about. 

Slimline wine have created an entire range of zero sugar, zero carbs wine that is a world first. They are designed to be much healthier while not compromising the strength or taste of the wine. Made using "the finest grapes from the finest wine makers", this high-quality premium wine lets you enjoy a glass without feeling so guilty. The range can be enjoyed in Crisp White, Super Sparkling White & Pink and Really Red. Don't worry about this wine be healthier but weaker, as it still has a 10.5% ABV which is comparable to many wines out there already. 

Having no sugars or carbs in the wine is a great benefit, and when you couple this with the fact that it's only 373 calories per bottle, it sounds even more appealing. Priced at £10.99 for the Sparkling White & Pink and £8.99 for the Really Red and Crisp White, you can pick them up on the Slimline Wine website. I can definitely see this wine being a popular choice, particularly for those who would like to enjoy a tipple but want to keep an eye on their intake. I'm by no means a wine connoisseur and I'm not too fussy about which wine I drink, but when I've been trying out the Crisp White wine, I have been pleasantly surprised by the taste as it didn't seem to be affected by being a zero sugar and zero carb wine. I think it would be worth giving this a try as a good way to help reduce the number of carbs and sugar you have without having to give up that glass of wine.  

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