There are quite a few different products and methods out there designed to help you live a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight. LighterLife have created products that can help with the process and make things nice and easy for you. The way this works is to fast intermittently to reduce your intake on certain days. On two days of the week you pick four products out of the LighterLife Fast and LighterLife Light Bites ranges which include porridges, shakes, snack bars, meals and soups. These will total up to give you 100% of your daily nutrition but only coming in at 800 calories. On the other days of the week you can eat what you like, however, they do recommend maintaining a balanced diet. 

The meal replacement shakes I received were the strawberry and banana flavours and contain skimmed milk and milk proteins, with sweetener. They are packaged in a ready to drink bottle which makes it nice and handy if you need to take it out with you as you are not messing around with powder and a shaker bottle. These shakes are also available in chocolate, with them all being gluten-free which can help cater to dietary requirements and only have just over 200 calories in them. You can also get the shake powder in packets if you would rather make them at home. I also received some of their original flavour porridge which is made with oats, skimmed milk powder, sweetener and oat powder. It was easy to make and can be done in the microwave or on the hob. I've always liked noodles so was intrigued to see what the Americana Chicken Noodle flavour FastPot was like. The pot only has 209 calories and is actually suitable for vegetarians. It's in a handy pot that is easy to make and could be great if you are on the go. The noodle pot can be used on either your fasting or non-fasting days.

The meal replacement bar that I tried was the Chocolate Raisin Bar which has 226 calories and can be used in place of one of your meals for your fasting days. It could also be used on your non-fasting days too. I found this bar did fill me up and gave me enough energy when using it to replace another meal. Another item in the selection was the Nut Fudge Bar which has 155 calories and is made with butterscotch pieces, sweetener and peanuts. The Chocolate Cookie Caramel flavour bar was one of the light bites choices and was a perfect tasty snack while only being 99 calories so can be part of your fasting options. The last items I tried out were the popped chips packs in the flavours Sweet and Smoky Chipotle, Pesto and Sundried Tomato and Roasted Shallot and Cider Vinegar, all being either 94 or 95 calories per pack. They are all veggie friendly and provided a nice snack to enjoy without having to feel guilty. I found that by using the 2-day fasting approaching and using these products helped to make it much easier to keep track of my intake and provided quick and easy meal and snack options.

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