My birthday is coming up at the end of this week and I'm marking a quarter of a century. I was lucky enough to be sent the Birthday Treats Biscuit Tin (£35.00) to review by Biscuiteers. The brand idea was thought up one weekend when the founders took a trip to New York. The aim of creating these biscuits was for them to "look as beautiful as they tasted". After launching in September 2007, the company has maintained the same handmade approach to producing their biscuits, which means every biscuit is unique.

As soon as unwrapped the package I was greeted by a pretty and distinctive tin that was housing the biscuits. I opened the lid to find 8 beautifully designed biscuits that almost looked too good to eat. I was immediately impressed by the detail and it was clear that much care had gone into producing them. The range of designs gave a new feel to this type of product as there was clearly effort gone into these to ensure they all had an individual design. The biscuits tasted nice and fresh and had a good crunch to them without being too dry. Even though the biscuits were reasonably thick, they still had a good icing to biscuit ratio which was nice to see. 

For those times when you'd like to get someone a gift but you don't live close to them, this would be a good option for you to place the order online and get them delivered to their door. These biscuits could be a perfect alternative to giving someone flowers and would show that you have thought about their gift. As Biscuiteers have a few different box styles, they could also be a perfect option to be bought for work events when you want to have something a little different to the standard pack of biscuits that are normally used. If you'd like to order some biscuits for a gift, or even to treat yourself, check out the Biscuiteers range on their website and find the ones that are right for you.

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