Pixi is a makeup and skincare brand that was created over 15 years ago and now has support across the globe. They launched their flagship store in Soho, London and the creator Petra Strand has over 20 years experience as a product developer and makeup artist. The products created by Pixi are designed to help fix flaws and make you look younger without taking up too much of your time. Their mission has not changed since the day they opened their first store and it revolves around making women look their best by embracing their natural beauty. I've been trying out some of their Skintreats tonics to help improve my own skin. As I have combination skin it's often difficult to manage so having some other skincare products to try is always welcomed.

The first product I've been trying out is the Retinol Tonic. The tonic contains some key ingredients to help improve your skin. Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative which helps to revitalise the skin, even out your complexion and decrease the appearance of fine lines. It also contains peptides that will increase collagen production and firm your skin while Jasmine Flower helps to improve the health of your skin. All of these come together to produce an "advanced youth preserving toner". It can be used every day and should be applied after cleansing.

Glow Tonic was the second one I've been using and it's an alcohol-free toner that will brighten, even out and clear up your skin. It's created with 5% Glycolic Acid which assists with exfoliation, as well as containing aloe vera, botanical extracts and ginseng that will nurture the skin. This toner can be used morning or evening, each day, or just when you feel like you need it. It can be used across your face, lower neckline and neck, but should not be used around your eyes.

The last product I had been trying was the Rose Tonic, which is a nourishing toner with elderflower and rose. It's designed to help even the hydration level of your skin and take out any impure items. As it's packed with nutrients it will also help normalise your pH and lessen the levels of redness in the skin. You should feel refreshed and rehydrated after using this. It can be used morning and evening once you have cleansed to keep you feeling your best. 

I've enjoyed trying out these toners recently and been impressed with how quick and easy they are to apply. I think they could be great to take away with you to ensure you can still look after your skin when you aren't home, with the toners coming in a range of sizes to allow for easy packing. I'm looking forward to keeping using these as I've already seen positive results over the few weeks I've been trying them out so far.

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