I thought I'd share what I wear on an everyday basis with all you lovely people!

Primer - No7 Shine Free Primer "stops shine for a matte finish". This stuff is amazing. My mum gave me it a few years back, and I'd never even heard of a primer before. If I put it on and wait 5 minutes, then apply my foundation/concealer, it makes my makeup stick all day without fail. It also reduces my red patches for some reason! It is my must have. This is the first and only primer I've ever used! I'm currently saving for Benefit's porefessional primer.

Foundation - Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory. Over the years I was very on and off with foundations. When I was 13 I had Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse and it was the worst foundation I could have chosen for my skin type but because everyone had it I thought I would use it for ages. Oh dear. This however is nothing like the matte mousse. The only thing I would say is that it does sometimes highlight any scars/blemishes you may have so sometimes I fight a losing battle with this. I want to try Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation next, but again, student probs - I'm skint :')

Concealer - Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Concealer in Light Beige. Here you can see my problem. I bought the wrong shade. If i apply it before my foundation, you can't tell, but if I apply it on a blemish after foundation you can tell so much in the difference! I have learnt my lesson.... But it really does stay and it is quite a thick formulation so I love it, just not the shade.

Powder - Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Waterproof Powder in Sand. I know what you're all thinking, why is your foundation, powder and concealer all by the same company but different shades. The answer to that is because I was desperate for this powder and just picked a shade. It wasn't available in Ivory so I grabbed this. Until about 4 days ago, I didn't notice a colour change at all. This was until I did some OOTD pics down by the river and it looked like I had an orange face and a white neck. ASAP I am buying this in Ivory ahhh.

Mascara #1 - Maybelline the Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara in Very Black. I love the thick wand on this which makes my lashes look super long and a bit thicker without looking clumpy. I just wish the end of the wand didn't pick up loads of product because I end up sometimes blobbing a bit on my nose and using a wipe..adding more foundation bla bla. That's annoying. But I love this mascara. I have been through so many and this is one I'm not bored of.

Mascara #2 - Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves in Black. I bought this before I even knew there was a big rave about it which pleased me as I bought it because of the wand not because of what a lot of people say, which I have learnt my lesson about! The wand is curved which means it picks up your lashes easily and makes them look longer and fuller. The wand is amazing but as with a lot of mascaras, it picks up a lot of product on the end of the wand which does annoy me. However, it feels very wet which I like if I have spare time to wait for it to dry as the effect is better. I'd recommend this to people who like longer and fuller looking lashes.

Eyeliner - Maybelline Master Duo "thin or thick glossy line" in Black. I have now seen there is a bit of Maybelline loving here! I have issues with this eyeliner and is due to my lack of experience applying eyeliner rather than the product. I always seem to make one line thicker than the other. It is great for applying either a thick or thin line, it just depends on how you hold it. It lasts all day and doesn't smudge when you first apply it if you blink which is a huge bonus.

Brow Pencil/Highlighter - Soap and Glory Arch de Triumph. I have gone through so many of these beauties! The shade is perfect for people with blonde or light brown hair as it doesn't make your brows look too full on compared to your hair colour. As a natural blonde, I have translucent eyebrows which is SO annoying. This is my perfect eyebrow fixer! The highlighter is also amazing too. The only problem is, if like me, you use it mainly for the brow pencil, you find out it can run out pretty quick. On the other side it is a product I re-buy every time and lasts long on the eyebrows without making them look too fake and drawn on!

Lipstick - Rimmel in Sloane's Plum. This is my go-to lipstick for a vampy sort of look, which is often considering I'm so pale and don't use fake tan. It is a smooth formula which compliments any lip shape. I've never gone to any other plum lipstick, this is my rock and I shall remain forever in love with it!

Blusher #1 - Benefit Powda Wowza in Coralista, Hoola (bronzer) and Bella Bamba. As you can tell by the packaging, I've had this quite a significant time. Apart from my one other blusher, this is my favourite powder blusher as both blush shades are gorgeous on any skin tone. I hit pan ages ago but the powder has never broken and it comes with a small brush to make applying it easy. I don't really use the hoola bronzer at the moment, but I'm going to make it my next mission to start contouring.

Blusher #2 - Benefit Mousse Blush in 04 Dist. I don't even know if Benefit still make this! It is a lovely creamy blush that gives a natural flushed look. I think it looks best on pale skin personally, as it wouldn't give off such a natural look on medium-darker skin tones but it suits my just great! 

Please don't shout at me for getting the wrong shades in concealer and powder! I seriously would buy more but money is tight being a student sometimes and I simply can't afford to! (sob). I'm excited to save and buy some higher end products, but I have no issue with drugstore makeup in the slightest, as long as you test the products and get the right shades to suit you, you can pick up some amazing bargains!

I know this is a bit different to usual, but I wanted to show you guys I do like beauty blogging too!

Much love, BVL x