Most of you won't know, but I'm currently studying in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. I'm originally from Liverpool, and chose a city that I thought wouldn't be too different from where I'm from. How wrong was I! It is so different, but for all the right reasons. 

This is the river Ouseburn, which is 5 minutes away from my student house. It is my boyfriend and I's "spot" where we sit and chat on the edge of the river, eating our lunch. It's such a break away from the city and you wouldn't suspect it would be close to student houses.

Now little did I know, if I carried on walking for 5 minutes, you end up in Jesmond Dene. It is an amazing park with a little "Pets Corner" with sheep, goats, rabbits etc! It also has this amazing waterfall which is part of the river. We came on a day where it wasn't that sunny (being February) and wasn't far from sunset, so I can't wait to go out in the sun.

I also love the Quayside. It has some hotels, restaurants and a lovely ice cream place! It's where Andy asked me to officially be his girlfriend and it just holds so many memories. It's beautiful at all times of the day and connects Newcastle to Gateshead.

I love coming here at night. It does get quite cold but seeing the lights makes it worthwhile. If you ever want to visit Newcastle don't be afraid to ask me anything! I love being a city gal, a little town would be so different for me I wouldn't be able to cope! Anyway I hope you enjoyed a little insight to where I live.