Hey lovelies. If any of you follow me on twitter (@bvelvetlover) you may have seen me tweet about some ASOS Sandals I picked up and why they were so important to me.

If you didn't know, I'll fill you in. It's March 2010 and I'm revising for my last GCSE Maths exam. I'm messing around being a stupid 16 year old. I needed something from a cabinet in my dining room, so I go to get it. For some unknown reason I look down at my feet and think if I shut the door there will be enough room for it to sweep past my feet and it will be fine.

No. No it wasn't. I slam the door (because I am clearly insane) and make a car crash out of my feet. A fair bit of blood and a lot of crying and I'm clutching them in pain.

3 operations down and in 10 days (I think) I'll be off for my (hopefully) final one. As I stupidly injured my feet in March, I couldn't wear sandals that year or the subsequent ones following, so I've not had my feet out or worn sandals since I was 15.

As I am quite hopeful that this was my last little operation, I thought I'd have to make up for lost time and buy some amazing sandals! I am beyond excited to wear these! It won't probably be for another 6 weeks but when that time rolls around I'll be wearing them 24/7.

I also managed to buy these in the sale from £45 to £24.50! I got nominated delivery as I am a premier member (which is amazing, you should sign up).

Let me know if you bought anything in the sale! If I had the money I would have bought so many things!