I nipped into Primark before I went into uni the other day to see if I could find anything to tide me over until my student loan came in. To be honest I was quite disappointed, the sizing of their tops don't match the sizing of their dresses!

Not only that, but Newcastle's Primark didn't have the majority of the items I went in to buy! I'm going to check out Liverpool's Primark over Easter which is usually a lot better.

Blue Daisy Peter Pan Collar Blouse £8
Black Sunflower Dress £13

I've seen a few girls blue this top and I'm in love with. I had to buy a size 12 even though in every other shop I'm a size 10 because I couldn't fit the 10 past my boobs...
This is so summery and I can't wait to wear it with some rolled up jeans and my ASOS sandals!

I bought this in a size 10 with enough room for my boobs, thank god. It's not very complimentary to my figure so I'm going to wear it with a belt of some sort, but I couldn't not buy it because it's soooo pretty.

Also, if you have noticed there are foundation marks on the collar (thanks Primark) so I'll have to wash it before I wear it.

I was hoping to buy more but i'm going to try Liverpool and see what other bits I can get.