Hey lovelies,

I saw that Topshop had a sale on the other week and immediately checked it out. I saw tons of jumpers and got so excited, but every time I wanted to buy something it had sold out in my size. There was only one item in the sale in my size that I wanted, so I thought I'd check out their new stock. I had a small budget plus a giftcard I still had from Christmas that I'd forgotten about. I saw the Giggle shoes and thought they were so cute and a bit different to the normal geek shoes that everyone has at the moment.

Topshop Dark Flower Tulle Dress £34 £18

Topshop Giggle Geek Shoes £28

The Giggle Geek Shoes are actually mint and not a powder blue but they are so lovely! I can't wait to wear them this summer. They're fairly pointed compared to what I thought they'd be which is a bit different to the style I'd usually buy but they are perfect for summer!

I've wanted the Tulle dress for so long and thought I'd wait until the sales came in. It's so pretty!

I hope you liked my picks!

I had a £15 giftcard, and 10% student discount off the shoes. I collected free from store so in total I only had to pay £26.40! This is so good considering the Giggle shoes are £28, I'm so thankful I found my giftcard!