Hey lovelies. So I know I like doing tags, but thought it would be cute to do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag so you can get to know both me and Andy a little better!

We plan on doing the 'boyfriend does my makeup tag' when we have a bit more time, but until then, here are the questions:

1) Where did we meet? 

We met on the first day that we moved into our university 1st year accommodation. We were allocated bedrooms next to each other (mixed sex halls).

2) Where was our first date? 

April/May 2013 but we had already been 'officially' boyfriend and girlfriend by this point

3) What was your first impression of me? 

He said quiet, kind with a similar personality to his
I thought he was quiet too and well spoken!

4) When did you meet my family? 

Briefly May 2013 but properly, and staying over in mine was July 2013
I met his family in June 2013

5) Weird habit of each other? 

My weird habit is hiccuping a lot, and his weird habit is he doesn't like anything leaning off the edge of things, such as a phone only half on a desk, he has to fix it immediately 

6) How long have we been together? 

11 months

7) Do we have any traditions? 

We like going down to the river with a sandwich, we always have tea together and watch a programme during it, we probably have more but I can't think!

8) An animal that resembles one another? 

He says I resemble a panda because I'm cute, cuddly and lazy.
I think he resembles a dog, he is quite cute, he loves his food, and he is loyal.

9) What was our first roadtrip? 

We've not really had one! Unless you count going on trains...

10) First thing you noticed about me? 

I had pink hair

11) What pisses him off? 

When he is trying to revise or do work and I sing really badly to annoy him

12) Favorite feature about each other? 

My favourite feature about him has got to be his kindness. He looks after me well.
His favourite feature is that he thinks I'm cute.

13) 3 things I am good & not good at? 

Good at: reading people's emotions, cheering people up, being motivated when I want to be
Not good at: tidying, taking a compliment, taming my frizzy baby hair (really annoys him)

Andy is good at: getting good grades, knowing a lot about geography that I don't understand, making me laugh
Not good at: being on time, resisting food, picking good username/email names

14) What do we argue about the most? 

Plans. I love planning in advance and get a bit moody sometimes when things don't go as planned, I'd say they were disagreements though, not a full blown argument. 

15) Do I have PMS? 


16) Who wears the pants in the relationship? 

Andy. Definitely. 
I have a more bossy personality but he makes the decisions :)

17) Do I have any weird obsessions? 

Milkshake. I almost got addicted to Nesquik last year and he made me go cold turkey. That was a sad day.

18) Nicknames for each other? 

Babs, Babby. We call each other the same things but that's because he called me them first. When we are messing around texting we sometimes say goodbye as "tra hunni oxoxoxo" but that isn't a nickname

19) What is my favourite restaurant? 

Frankie and Benny's

20) If I am watching TV, what am I watching? 

Pretty Little Liars

21) What is one food I do not like? 


22) What drink do I order when we go out to eat? 

Fanta or Rosé

23) What size of shoe do I wear? 


24) My favorite kind of sandwich? 

Chicken Tikka with Mayo

25) What is one talent I have? 

I can burp then hiccup, or hiccup then burp quite a lot

26) What would I eat everyday if I could? 

Savoury: Chicken Tikka Masala
Sweet: Kinder Bueno

27) My favorite cereal? 

Maple and Pecan Crisp Cereal by Tesco

28) My favorite kind of music? 

He doesn't know specifically but knows I love Bastille

29) My favorite sports team? 

Liverpool FC (obvs)

30) What is my eye color? 

Andy has brown/green eyes which are adorable

31) Who is my best friend? 

Katy from Liverpool

32) Something you do that I wish you didn’t do? 

He wishes I didn't throw my things everywhere in his room
I wish he wouldn't 'fanny around' when we need to go somewhere

33) Where am I from? 


34) What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday? 

I'd bake him a chocolate cake.

35) Do I play any sports? 

He said no, not anymore

36) What can I spend hours doing?

He could spend hours on his PS3

Hope you all enjoyed this! If you would like to see more boyfriend/girlfriend things in the future leave a comment!
I'd love for anyone else to one of these tags as I love reading them!