Hey Guys,

So a while a go I reviewed the Jerome Russell Bblonde Lightening Sprayand was also sent the toner in Platinum Blonde to review too! I chose this instead of using a bleach on my hair as last year I was dark brown and went back to blonde and after 4 bleaches and stripping my hair, I knew it needed a break. I haven't dyed my hair since July 2013 and was hoping that my roots could blend in a bit more with the remaining bright blonde hair I have at the ends.

Above: This was my hair after using the lightening spray; it added a subtle lift to my hair without changing it too much. I still wanted my roots to be lighter though, but that's difficult to do without dying your hair.

Cheeky selfie aside, this is my hair post-toner. It's not the perfect shot but you can tell that my roots are significantly lighter and the colours blend together more. It helps that my hair has grown so the style is more of a long dip-dye. I'm so happy with the toner, it's made my roots from an ash blonde to a more honey blonde.

I requested to use the Platinum Blonde* instead of a darker blonde, knowing that I wouldn't get platinum blonde hair as a result, but it would lighten and tone my hair to make it look a lot more natural. Neither product has damaged my hair; it feels healthier and soft from not dying it and using these alternative products. 

If you're looking to go blonde, or lighten your hair, I'd personally recommend using the Bblonde range. I've tried other blonding products and I bought Bblonde products before reviewing these, nothing seems to last well in my hair aside these!