Hi Lovelies,

I've talked about hair care a bit in the past, but not touched on the process of washing my hair. I've stuck with the same shampoo and conditioner for years and was stubborn not to try another.

That was until I received the Faith In Nature Chocolate Shampoo and Conditioner and decided to give these a go. They are for all types of hair, which would suit my dry, thick, frizzy hair just fine. They contain some natural ingredients like Vanilla planifolia fruit extract mixed with organic cocoa, and I was testing whether the natural side of hair care would improve the quality of my own.

Firstly, the smell. Personally, I am terribly fussy with chocolate scented products, but I wouldn't say these products overwhelmed you with the smell of chocolate. Once lathering up the shampoo, the smell develops, smelling sweeter than just in the bottle. The addition of vanilla to the formula makes it smell better than I had anticipated.

The shampoo worked just fine, it didn't affect my scalp (which some shampoos, I have found, make it drier) and it cleaned my hair perfectly well. I much preferred the conditioner, it made my hair silky smooth and soft. I tend to be more favourable of conditioners as opposed to shampoos as I can have such a problem with them, and this proved the case here. Although there was nothing wrong with the shampoo, I just preferred the conditioner as it made my hair less dry.

It definitely opens your eyes about which products you use contain nasty chemicals! These are both suitable for Vegans too if there are any of you reading! 

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