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This post is slightly different to usual (not in the sense that it's a favourite brand of mine). These are the new The One Blush Sticks* by Makeup Revolution, and I have the luxury in trying them all out!

Matte: Rush, Pink, Dream, Malibu

 Rush, Pink, Dream, Malibu

Left arm:
Malibu, Dream, Pink, Rush
Right arm (matte):
Malibu, Dream, Pink, Rush
At £5 each, and being compared to Nars dupes all over Twitter, you seriously get good value for money. I personally cannot afford Nars, and don't own even one of their products. These however, are lovely. You can see from the swatches that the matte products are more visible but can easily be blended in.
I love they have included 'Malibu' for contouring/adding a bit of bronze to your face, especially in Winter! I have pale skin and this will definitely be using this to contour, but be warned, you have to make the effort to blend this in, as from the swatches you can tell it's pretty pigmented.
As for 'Dream', the shimmery version is perfect for highlighting! It's so beautiful on your cheeks to add a bit of brightness to your face, and using a small brush, applying it underneath your eyebrows to define them. Both 'Pink' and 'Rush' seem like summery colours to me, but I love the rosy cheek look as Winter draws in. I'm a girl that can never be without her blusher, and these solid creme blushers do the trick. Again, you do need a blending brush or using your fingers to blend them in. Imagine using them straight off the product onto your skin? However, the coral tones of 'Rush' are absolutely gorgeous.
I prefer the non-matte blush sticks, purely from preference being a lover of shimmer against my matte foundation/powder look. I will be whipping out the matte colours when the weather warms up again though, as the brightness of them really stands out. For £5 per stick, it seems like a no-brainer when it comes to picking up a handy, easy product that can fit in your handbag, and even used as a highlighter/lipstick in times of need.
Disclaimer, again, but I genuinely love Makeup Revolution products and plan on, after Christmas doing a big haul! Their lip hugs look amazing!
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