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I have many previous hair posts already but this is the first time I've talked about extensions. I had my hair cut on 2nd January 2014 (not since, whoops) and since July 2013 have been growing out my bleach blonde hair to make it healthier. You may now be wondering, how have you managed to get extensions to match your ombr├ęd thick hair? Well, the key to this is blending them in with your natural hair. I have these lovely Hairtade L&K 18" Clip in hair extensions £62.99* through etail pr to demonstrate how to get longer and thicker hair in the winter!

Testing out whether they are blending okay!

My straightened hair with a few annoying layers.

A good way to blend in hair extensions is to do a fishtail plait, as plaiting your hair naturally shows how your hair gets thinner at the ends. You can't tell where my hair stops and the extensions start. I pulled out the hair to make it even thicker and more natural looking. To secure, tie with a clear elastic bobble. This is perfect for Christmas shopping as your hair isn't in your face, but looks classy and wintery too.

Curling your hair is another way to create more texture and definition to your hair, whilst blending in your extensions. Since my hair is fairly short, I decided to only curl the ends where the blonde starts. This look just gives you the idea that I have a lot of layers. I clipped in all the hair first, then curled it, and finally spraying with a bit of hairspray. You can always separate the curls too to make your hair look thicker.

Another good idea is clipping in extensions and putting them in a doughnut ring to make a huge bun! That would also be great for shopping to keep your hair out of your eyes whilst trying to find that perfect gift for the awkward family member in your life.

What's your opinion on extensions?

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