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Happy Blogmas!
Bit of a random post but I bought these in Waitrose in October and November and instantly fell in love, so just wanted to write a little post about them! You've probably heard of Gü, and they make lovely desserts. As I was wandering through an aisle I saw these and picked up the Salted Caramel Flavour Hot Chocolate and took it home to try. It was the right balance between the salted caramel and chocolate. It was thick (almost like flavoured milk) and incredibly easy to make. The next month I picked up the plain Hot Chocolate version.

I served them differently here, but just wanted to emphasize how lovely they look! These tall milkshake glasses were £1 each from Poundland, and the huge mug (this picture doesn't do it justice on how large it is) was £8 from Marks & Spencer's.

I added some light squirty cream and some mini marshmallows. It makes a huge difference using the Gü hot chocolates compared to getting a powder and mixing it into milk. The texture is so smooth and you can drink them cold if you'd like. You can also add a dash of Disaronno to plain hot chocolate for a marzipan tasting drink.

Let me know in the comments what your fave hot chocolate is, I'd love to do another post on winter drinks!

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