Hey Lovelies,

Sorry I've had a few days break! I needed some 'me' time, but I'm back and I have another nail product review! This is the Nail HQ Hardener, and the Strengthener.* 

When I was first asked to review these, I was skeptical of whether they'd actually do much to my nails. Would they stop the tips bending? When I looked at them, I thought surely both did the same job? To be honest, testing them separately hasn't made me think they were particularly amazing, but paired together I noticed a significant difference in the quality of my nails.

Firstly, my nails are growing quicker. My nails grow pretty quickly anyway, but I've noticed that if I cut them short, within two weeks they're at a lovely length. I can tell they're growing "quicker" as they aren't breaking as easily, nor bending, so the quality of the nail helps them grow sturdier.

My nail varnish also lasts longer, because my nails are slightly thicker so the polish sticks better and it less likely to chip. As these Nail HQ varnishes are clear too, they also work great as top and base coats, ensuring your newly painted nails look fresh all week. That is until you wrap Christmas presents and the sellotape peels it off...

I was impressed with the strength of my nails after using these, but they weren't as 'hard' as I expected once using the hardener. Together they seem to reinforce the strength of my nails, they aren't as bendy but they still aren't as hard as I had expected. I would personally just buy the strengthener as I felt it worked better on my nails, but that's just my opinion. 

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