Hey Lovelies,

Happy Halloween! I hope you're all dressed up, watching movies or out having fun. I'm spending the night in with my boyfriend watching films and catching up once he has finished work. However, staying in is not stopping my wearing an atomic lipstick...

 (l-r) Serpent, Magnificent, Ruby, Make Me Tonight, Make It Right.

I love the packaging of these lipsticks,a simple black case with the lids showing you a little snippet of what colour you're choosing, which is good when you have all 5 colours! I can see how the green would be amazing if you were dressing up as a witch, and the darkest shade great for something more dark! I think I will wear all but the green for different makeup looks, as I'm quite into dark lipsticks.

The lipsticks have a smooth texture and last really well too. I love the shiny look to them, as opposed to matte look. When you're applying halloween makeup, most of the time your whole face is matte, so adding a glowing lipstick will really make your look.

The best thing about these is that they're £1 each, which means buying halloween makeup got so much easier. You can't buy makeup much cheaper than that. I think the best part of this range is the light and dark purples, I'm a sucker for some A/W lips.

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