I know it's still two weeks (today) until Valentine's Day, but I wanted to show you this Yucoco chocolate bar. I personalised it online, and ordered it to my door. It arrived in 2 days in protective packaging to make sure it still in perfect condition when it got to my flat.

The inside of the box reads:
To Andy
Created by Laura
This bar has been designed especially for Yu!
Your bar is made of this delicious chocolate & toppings:
Terrific Trio Chocolate
Homemade Rocky Road
Caramel Blossom
Chocolate Fudge
Homemade Cookie Crumbs
Confetti Hearts

I absolutely love the idea of personalising your own bar, at an affordable price that tastes just as gorgeous as it sounds. The Yucoco bar* has four types of chocolate bar to choose from, with over 1 billion combinations. ONE BILLION. I would volunteer myself to try them all, of course.
Firstly, I chose a mix of milk, white and dark chocolate. Andy is a huge chocolate lover and thought he would love the idea of having even more flavours on his bar. I then went for things he eats when he is being naughty, rocky road, chocolate fudge and cookies! I thought the caramel blossom and confetti hearts gave it the whole Valentine's look about it. Yes, I'm soppy. 

The bars start off from £4.00 for a plain slab which is pretty standard for this sized chocolate bar. Toppings are between 40p and £1.50. I chose 5 toppings which brought the total to £7.50 for the personalised bar. I could have gone ridiculously soppy and included purely 'love-ly' toppings, such as the 'I love yu' plaque, love hearts, I love you chocolate and chocolate lips, but since Andy is a huge love of more handmade chocolate, I chose his favourite.

If I was making a bar for myself, I would pick the trio of chocolate, salted caramel, milk chocolate drizzle, rocky road, caramel blossom and chocolate flakes! This would be £7.80. I wish I had put chocolate drizzle on Andy's, it looks amazing. I was pleasantly surprise to see you could fruit, nuts (which I also love) and mad things like wasabi peas. The addition of glitter is another great feature, but I didn't think Andy would forgive me for substituting chocolate for some sparkles.

Once ordering, it will be delivered within 3-5 days, although mine arrived in 2 days which was great, meaning if you forget (how could you?) about Valentine's Day, you can save yourself with ordering a bar a few days before. If you don't have the willpower to look through all the toppings, you buy a pre-made bar too. If you're really forgetful, you can pay £1.75 to have a handwritten gift card posted to you. As much as I'd love to spend my time rifling through cards to pick out the perfect one, wandering in to chocolate shops to taste samples and choose from them, in modern day life, we don't tend to have such a luxury as often. 

The bars are 140 grams in weight, which you couldn't eat in one sitting, well I couldn't but I'm sure Andy would have given it a good go. He chose to share his, and was sitting looking at it for days before I gave in and let him eat it more than two weeks before V-Day. Who am I to deprive him of chocolate? 

You can make your own bar at Yucoco.com and they also have instagram, twitter and facebook!

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