Escentual was kind enough to send me these A-Derma* beauty products a few months back, and after testing them out for a while, I can finally review them! They include the Nutrialba Nourishing Cream, Rheacalm Soothing cream, Hydralba Hydrating cream and Sensifluid Micellar water, and a cute nail file too.

A hypoallergenic, paraben-free moisturising cream to protect dry and sensitive skin is lovely on the skin, especially in the winter months. The cream is a blend of rhealbose oat seedling extract and essential fatty acids to replenish your skin from dehydration, softening your skin and can work underneath makeup. I found this soothing to my sensitive skin and moisturising it too. There was no oil residue, nor an excess of moisture on my skin. As it is suitable for daily use, it is a great morning moisturiser to use once your skin is cleansed. This is now £15.00 down from £20.00.

Another daily use moisturiser, it protects fragile skin and repairs reactive skin. If your skin changes when using makeup that may be unsuitable for your skin, or you're on holiday a lot in harsher climates, this rebuilds and soothes your skin's moisture. It has rhealbose oat seedling extract and vitamin E to make smoother skin. Now £11.60 from £15.50.
The Hydralba Light Hydrating Cream with UV SPF 20 is for sensitive, normal to combination skin. Including rhealbose oat seedling extract and vitamin E and plant glycerine, it frees your skin from tightness and leaves the surface of your skin 'silky-smooth'. The SPF 20 also protects against UVA/UVB rays and pollution to prevent premature ageing. As a 21 year old, I cannot comment as to whether it prevents anti-ageing, but it definitely moisturises the skin and smells quite fresh. Now £10.80 from £14.50

This micellar water is great for dry, sensitive an eczema-prone skin types like mine. I didn't even know there were specific micellar waters for sensitive skin, so receiving this was great. It includes rhealba oat seedling extract and witch hazel water to cleanse and remove makeup and dirt. The formula is said to have a 'tissue off formula' which ensures suitability for even the driest, sensitive and eczema-prone skin types. The micellar water is great, I noticed a difference in using this to my usual L'oreal micellar water. However, the only thing that puts me off this slightly is the smell. You know those 'aliens' you had as a child, that were in a plastic egg and had the plastic smelling jelly around them? It smells like that. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely micellar water to remove my makeup, but I think about those little alien things every time. Now £9.75 from £13.00.
I can't comment on the nail file since they sound and feel of them go through me, but I will eventually use them on false nails since that isn't as bad! Aside from the alien smell, these products are genuinely lovely for my sensitive, dry skin. I do tend to get a bit of oil on my skin, but this did not affect the usage of these skincare products.

You can buy the A-Derma range from the Escentual website here.