Hey Guys,
This post excites me so much! If you've noticed in the past, I am a huge fan of nail products. I love wearing false nails and painting them. Although regular polish doesn't wear off as much on false nails, I love having long lasting colours on my nails, especially gel nails. I had the opportunity to review Sensationail's latest product, a Fuse Starter Kit*.

Fuse is the first Genamel kit to hit the high street and has been the most requested product in 2014. Why? Because the kit lets you have an at home manicure, for a fraction of the price. It doesn't take as long, and looking for me being asthmatic, doesn't have harmful chemicals in the air.

I had the colour 'Elec-tric or Treat' which is an orange toned red. These photos are with one coat, but you can add others on. The technology in the polish dries evenly and you cure the polish using the mini LED lamp for 30 seconds. Luckily, since the lamp is so small it has a usb cable which can plug into a mains adaptor or any usb port. I plugged mine into my laptop since it was the closest thing to me.

After curing the polish, you take the gel cleanser and wipe over your nails to take away any excess and you're done. You would think that since you paid and cure each nail individually that it would take longer than going to a salon, but surprisingly it wasn't. I tested this on my toes too, but nobody wants to see feet on the internet, do they?

There are 12 colours online at Boots currently, including solid colours and glitters. The original Sensationail kit is equally amazing, but the Fuse kit is more affordable and quicker! You can buy the Starter Kits for £35.00, individual Gelnamel colours from £15.00 and the Cleanser and Wipe Refill Kit from £9.50 all at Boots.

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