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I want to introduce you to my Makeup Revolution collection. There are items I have been gifted in the past, and also won through a giveaway. I review different types of beauty products, and some of them are tried and tested, then I promise myself I'll use them, and don't get around to it much. I do this with nail polishes I buy, and that "one lipstick that I need" that looks the same as the rest I already have. This brand is different. I may not use every single shade of each product, but as a whole I love the brand and wanted to show you why!

Atomic lipsticks (post here)
These £1 lipsticks are creamy and pigmented, leaving a shine to your lips. I love the purple toned shades. You can tell I've used 'Make Me Tonight' the most!

All Day and Night pencils (post here)
Each of these are £1.99 and are also of a creamy texture. There is nothing worse than dragging a dry pencil across your eyelids and this is why I love these pencils, as they are the opposite. I've used some of these a fair bit and should probably sharpen them before my next use!

The One Fluid Blusher in 'Pink Dew' £3.
I haven't posted a full review of this yet but so far I like this blusher. Aside from Benetint, I've never used a fluid blusher, so it's taking quite a bit of getting used to. The shade is lovely against my pale skin and blonde hair. I can't comment on how long it lasts, since I've not worn a primer with it yet, just foundation, however on a full face of makeup it lasts the full day.

The One Blush Sticks (post here)
With both matte and non-matte blusher sticks, there are colours for every type of makeup look. They are £5 each, with the shade 'Malibu' being a great bronzer to contour with. I prefer the non-matte shades, as I love a bit of shimmer.

Eyeshadow Palettes. £4 each.
Romantic Smoked (post here)
Iconic Dreams
Give Them Nightmares (post here)
Girls On Film (post here)

I have posts on all but the Iconic Dreams palette so I'll share my thoughts here. It is extremely similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (£37) whereas this is £4, a huge difference in price. If you can tell from my photos, I use these shadows a lot and have still not hit pan on any of them. They are true to colour and a true investment.

Blusher and concealer palettes. £6 each.
All About Pink
Hot Spice
 Golden Sugar
Concealer in Light/Medium

All About Pink - These are great for summer when bright cheeks are in. The lighter colours in the palette are lovely too.

Hot Spice - A lot warmer colours with some that I'd use to contour with. A highlighter is also included to brighten up you skin with. I love the look of the baked shades, they look like moons!

Golden Sugar - This is my favourite out of the blusher palettes, with highlighters, blushers and bronzers in. They are warmer toned colours but suit every skin tone.

Concealer palette - The lighter shades are the ones most suited to my skin tone, but I use different ones for under my eyes, and for blemishes. The consistency is fairly thick, so I use with foundation and not CC cream.

I also have another MUR post on the eyeshadows and primer in the first picture (here).

I hope you enjoyed my post! I know 8 palettes and everything else is a lot, but I take pride in my makeup and love using different things every day. You can never have too much makeup, right? This is over £100 worth of makeup, but compared to other drugstore brands this is very affordable for the amount you get.

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