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Here is another segment of my Valentine's Series, and today's post is all about dating tips. My ideal date is sitting down, getting to know the person and having some quality food. You can't forget drinks though, you never know where a Woo Woo or Sex on the Beach may lead you to...

1. Make a mixtape of their favourite songs.
My boyfriend would have plenty to choose from since I have all my faves on a Spotify playlist, although I very much doubt Foo Fighters and Taylor Swift are the most romantic artists. I do however have a few romantic faves including John Legend, Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz though. Please don't make a real tape though, unless they are driving around in a car from the 90's she won't be able to play it. You could do the modern thing and tweet them the playlist...

2. Venue and Menu.
I'm so specific about food and love being taken out for dinner, getting carried away with the cocktails and desserts. That's where the fun is at. I love that in a lot of restaurants you can share dishes, platters and tapas, especially for those who are foodies and love a lot of the menu options. When dating someone new it may help the conversation flow. I'd pre-book a meal out for 8ish, the setting is right and it's dark outside.

3. Don't buy her flowers, go for a meal and walk her home.
If you're trying to wow a your date don't do what you see in the movies, as even that goes wrong half of the time. Why not pick a venue that is easy to get to and has some lovely scenery nearby. The main bulk of restaurants in Newcastle are either a few minutes walk away, or are on the Quayside. The dimly lit lights and the river make a cute atmosphere. This is where my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend, so I'm not biased, obviously... Why not surprise them with a cupcake instead of flowers, tickets for a concert instead of drinks at a bar?

4. Reasonably be prepared.
Don't worry about the weather, but be prepared for it just in case. Make sure you take an umbrella if you'll be walking anywhere. Be spontaneous too, if the date is going well, why not go for a wander round to get to know each other more? If it starts snowing, you can always go and share a hot chocolate together.

5. Meal, Drinks, Fun
If you want to dance but you're not into ballroom or a class, since Valentine's Day is this Saturday, you can always go out afterwards, share a few more drinks and dance together. The day is about spending time with someone you like, and dancing is a good way to loosen up and have a bit of fun. If you don't like dancing, do something else that's fun. Go see a film, go bowling, go back and watch Netflix. There are no limits to what you can do. Just don't watch The Notebook or you'll both be sharing tissues together to mop up the tears!

I hope you liked the video and dating tips! Andrew and myself are going to for a meal and drinks, then to see the Nutcracker ballet on Saturday night, then some drinks afterwards. No doubt we will spend the morning chilling out and spending some quality time together. We plan on having Friday evening as a film night and are going to put technology away for once and enjoy the time with each other.

When getting to know someone, focus on each other, ask questions and chill out. Have a cocktail or a glass of wine and make the most of having a tech-free day. Be spontaneous and romantic; just let things happen, you never know how that night could change your future.

 FYI, Tapas and cocktails are gorgeous from La Tasca in my opinion. Can't go wrong with a mojito in hand. They have several menus on offer, so have a look on their website and you can book your Valentine's Day table today at La Tasca.

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