Hey Guys! First off, sincere apologies for this post going up later that I wanted it to. I had it all sorted and ready to go up and forgot to press publish and kept it as a draft, so here we are. I have these lovely Yves Rocher* products that I'll be talking about. One of these products is my new holy grail...

Organic Oats Silky Cream

If you've read any previous posts you'll know I'm a a sucker for anything oat or brown sugar scented. the tub is really big for starters so will last me quite a while! I love the container too, I have the clasp style Ikea jars in my kitchen for a variety of things. A small amount of this goes a long way, and nourishes the skin all day. I have quite sensitive skin on my legs, which is why oat products work well since they are natural. This soothed my sometimes itchy legs after shaving and the smell is just gorgeous. I'd say it was fairly normal in the sense that it soaks into the skin at the average time a normal cream would, which I would expect. It stops your skin drying out and is really lovely after having a bath, especially since this is the best time to moisturise.

Coconut Fizzy Bath Cube

This a tiny little bath cube that smells absolutely gorgeous. If you love coconut scented products, this is definitely something for you. It isn't incredibly strong, but for such a small product it really does pack in the scent. It quickly fizzed up and dissolved in my warm bath. The colour stays the same, and make the bath water look a bit milky. The water was silky and smooth when I got in the bath. For the size and the price of the bath cube, it does it's job. The scent was my favourite part, I really don't have enough coconut scented products in my bathroom.

Anti Fatigue Iced Gel

You thought it would be my love of oats that would make the cream the holy grail product, but no. This is making it's way permanently next to my fluffy sock drawer, ready from a long day shopping or a night out in heels. I tested this as soon as I had come back from walking around Newcastle city center for about four hours and my feet were crying to me. I put this on, with some slipper socks and propped my feet up onto the sofa. It is slightly cold when applying but begins soothing your sore feet almost instantly. It smells very fresh (which is what you want in a foot item) and had a lasting effect on my feet which I wasn't expecting at all. This has now replaced my moisturiser in my fluffy sock sore foot routine.

Long Lasting Moisturizing Hand Cream

This cream is not at all oily, which in my opinion is the way forward. Nobody wants slippery hands. I tested this out on my boyfriend (ssh!) since he has really dry hands, and I tend to have soft hands even if I haven't used hand cream for a month (thank you genes). Although I used it myself too, he reaped the benefits of having softer hands, without a powerful fragrance to put anyone off. Andy has used different hand creams before and despite them working, he really hates strong fragranced creams. This seems to be the only one a man can handle at the moment! It isn't a sticky cream either, which is one of my pet hates.

These products are all currently discounted, so make sure you check the Yves Rocher website out to find out more!

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