I was wondering what type of chatty post to write for a few days and realised that I keep remembering things I used to do as a teenager and how much my life has changed since then. Things I was worried about, or things I would do out of habit.

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Stop worrying
Firstly, I was 'born' a worrier. I was quite anxious as a child and used to get very upset if my parents didn't stay at my friends parties with me "in case something happened" or that I didn't want to be alone, despite running around with plenty of friends. I remember a distinct time reading Shout or Mizz magazine or something and an 11 year old had written a problem about school. Wow did I worry about starting high school for no decent reason. I still worry quite a lot to this day but nowhere near as bad or irrational. Things get better!

Trust your gut
The amount of times I've trusted other people too easily when my instinct said not to, and I've been walked all over is silly. If I could speak to a younger Laura, I would say to trust myself before I trust others. At the end of the day, you can't really go wrong with that.

Use heat protection spray!
Oh Laura. How many split ends did I have to go through before I learned that heat protection spray was one of the best things I could use on my hair. I have curly, frizzy hair but straighten it every week usually otherwise it is even drier and tangles so quickly. Letter to future self: learn how to blow dry.

Learn your figure
Actually first off, eat more vegetables and less pizza would be a good start. I put about 3-4 stone on since I was 16 from dominos and ice cream. Over those years, I still dressed as if I had my 16 year old figure and it didn't work out for me. Skater dresses and skinny jeans have been what has made me look slimmer and healthier.

Read online reviews
I used to waltz into Boots and spend it on makeup I barely used or that didn't suit me. I needed my foundation matched from beige to ivory and needed to read up on products online to discover what my skin type was as Dream Matte Mousse (remember that!) did not work with my combination skin! I needed to exfoliate but when I began using makeup at 13 I probably didn't even know what that meant!

Hope you liked my tips to my younger self! Is there anything you would say to your teenage self if you could?

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