The Wet Brush entered my life the other week, and I am actually surprised by how strong and powerful this brush is. It feels just like a Tangle Teezer, yet more gentle somehow..

Firstly I was happy to be using a handle again since I own a Tangle Teezer and a Dessata brush. Both of those brushes slip out of my hand when I brush my hair and it drives me crazy. Don't get me wrong, they are both fabulous and will carry on using them, but it is annoying. This pink Wet Brush* comes with a slim handle for easier styling.

I was a bit cautious at first, since it looks very much like the cheap brushes you can find almost anywhere. Oh how I was wrong. It detangles my hair quickly and with no pain to the scalp, something I have experienced years ago as I have sensitive skin... and body?

I only ever brush my hair when it is wet. To all girls with straight hair, I envy you! Don't tell a curly haired gal to brush her hair when it is dry, ever. We will give you evil eyes. I end up with looking like I am lining up to audition for the Lion King when my hair is brushed when dry. Nothing will change this! I have previously spoken about why no frizz taming products have ever worked on my hair before and I stand by this statement. But this brush certainly helps me brush my hair quickly so I can begin to dry and straighten it without all the time wasting of attempting to get tons of tangles out.

Overall, I think all three of my brushes, including the Wet Brush will remain in my heart forever. I am taking this one home with me over Easter so I think that reflects that it has gained a place in my hair box full of permanent items.

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