Today I have a guest post from the lovely Claire sharing her thoughts on moving abroad.

Loads of us have a billion reasons why we can’t move away. Family. Friends. Jobs. The list can seem endless. Yep, they’re all pretty valid reasons, too – there’s no denying it. But we’re the same people, aren’t we, who wind up staring jealously at our friends’ pictures when they’re off on their great escapes. We all love holidays, but can’t commit to the full time lifestyle. 

That’s actually fine, too, but what if what’s putting us off is just fear? I went on an adventure trip  with school once, and I will literally never forget the instructor yelling at us that “fear is only a state  of mind!”. It got me through a caving experience, and it’s sure as hell come in handy throughout my  adult life, too! I think sometimes that’s the attitude we need to take with big decisions, and educate  ourselves properly in order to take down the barriers one by one.

If you fancy living abroad, one of the first things to remember is that it doesn’t need to be forever.  You can go for a few months, a few years – anything in between. If you don’t like it, just come home!  In fact, in a lot of cases, you’re not actually allowed to outstay your welcome, unless you can find a company to permanently sponsor you (or someone to marry!). So what are you waiting for?

There are a lot of things to consider, including:
  • Packing up your old life. This can be the hardest. No matter how hard you reassure your  mum and dad you’ll be back, they’re letting their baby go, even if you’re all grown up. Same goes for your friends – maybe they’ll feel abandoned, and you’ll all miss each other loads. The less emotional stuff can be simpler (but still a headache, so make it easier on yourself by reading a checklist like this!), but remember why you’re doing it and it’ll all be okay.
  • Visas. These sound a bit scary, don’t they? We’ve all seen those border control TV shows – get the wrong one, and you’re screwed! With companies like Bunac and STA travel, they’ll be with you every step of the way – phew!
  • Finding a job. What are your skills? Do you want to work while you travel? Have you got skills you can freelance out, and if so where do you pay your taxes to while abroad? It’s a bloody minefield, but a quick google search will help you find a ton of job sites in your chosen country. If you don’t want to work, it’ll usually be okay, but you’ll need to save before you leave to prove you won’t be a burden on arrival.
  • Finding somewhere to live. Oh you think London is hard? Try doing this in a country where you don’t really speak the language or understand the laws. Sites like Gumtree and Craigslist can be a bit help, but don’t get ripped off! Check with the locals for reputable alternatives in your new area.

If you do decide to go off on an adventure, good luck, and have fun!

Hope you liked this post! I would love to move abroad if I didn't have family over here! I think Liverpool will do for now haha!

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