Let me begin my saying how pleased I am to finally be trying out some serums, especially by a brand I have been loving lately, Yves Rocher. These are the Serum Vegetal* Morning and Night serums to prevent wrinkles and make your skin radiant, whilst still taking care of it too. As a combination skinned gal, this seems like a breath of fresh air compared to reviewing a lot of creams.

The packaging is simple with a silver band and an orange top. I love how simple this is, and it clear from the moon symbol which one is the night serum. These products are for all skin types with serums being known to help combination skin as they can prevent dehydration and control oil at the same time. Sometimes you do get a lot of anti-aging skincare products that claim to help all skin types that haven't necessarily helped myself. Controlling oil and dry skin can be difficult which I appreciate, and Yves Rocher have opened my eyes to a new lease of life for my skin.

At 21, I'm not prone to wrinkles yet. But the whole point is to use skincare to prevent wrinkles, not try and remove them once you've seen then appear. I have quite soft skin near my eyes and I can definitely pass for 15 on a good day, so I can't comment on it preventing wrinkles since I've only been using it for a few weeks. It moisturises the right amount for sure. I'm left with silky soft skin that doesn't feel like it has a greasy residue on it. That's a change.

As for the 'radiance' element, I don't feel radiant. My skin doesn't look glowing but in between reviewing products I'm stuck in a library writing out thousands of words for my dissertation so until the summer comes and uni is completed, I don't think I will be getting a chance to look radiant in the mean time.

I base all my opinions after weeks of continuous use, and I am happy to say I will be continuing to use the Yves Rocher Wrinkles and Radiance Serum Vegetal products. I knew as soon as I saw 'serum'  I would be pleased. 

Have you tried any Yves Rocher products?

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