I am Sarah, I have been writing Blue Glitter for the last five years, it is a mixture of fashion and shopping blog. Find me at http://bubblesarah.blogspot.com.

1. How did you start blogging? Did anything or anyone influence the decision? How long have you been blogging for?

I started blogging in 2010 after exploring fashion ideas whilst working in fashion retail and doing my degree. The blogs I started reading are are Liz at Late afternoon and Jen at J for Jen. It went from there, I wanted a platform to mix my interest in fashion and ideas of how we put ourselves across using it. This mixed with trends and how everyone interprets things.

I was inspired by their points of view and a fresh way of looking at fashion that was not in the mainstream at the time.

I wanted something different from the usual outfit of the day, I wanted something that explores what is behind that and what inspires outfits and ideas. Fashion for me has always been different because it is about the details, I understand most people do not think beyond how it looks.

When exploring trends and new fashion ideas, I like ti know the inspirations and how the ideas came to fruition. This is why I started Blue Glitter to have somewhere to explore this.

2. What do you blog about? Is there a particular thing you love writing about the most?

Fashion, trends and how I like to wear them. This includes where my inspirations and ideas stem from.  I love writing about clothes and why I like them. It is not about how good something is. It is about why they appeal and how they can worn and adapted to all aspects of your life.
I love writing as it is something that gives you a voice outside of the day to day and allows you to share ideas with other like minded people.

3. Have you learned any new skills from blogging?

Interacting with people, my writing skills and presentation of topics and how to put across new ideas. 

4. If you had to start blogging about something else, what would you pick and why?

Art, its is my other passion. I studied Fine Art for a degree and it has been a lifelong passion of mine. 

5. Do you have any advice for people who want to start blogging but aren't sure what to how to or what it involves?

Write about what you love and don't try to be like other bloggers. Have your own voice and embrace that. It is not about figures but enjoying what you do, take on feedback and act upon it. That is why I enjoy having Blue Glitter so much. It is my own little corner of the internet.