First things first (do not even say this in your head singing Iggy Azalea) I have short-medium curly, dry hair. I never usually review hair products unless I genuinely believe they will help nourish my hair, as I have a routine. I know you're supposed to deviate from routines sometimes as your body can get used to products, so here is where Osmo* steps in. I was given the choice to select hair products from the Osmo website, and I chose these for the obvious reasons! I chose the products that would repair and protect my hair.

Deep Moisturising Shampoo
The reason I began using Aussie's 'Miracle Moist' shampoo was because I have a dry scalp if I don't use it, plus it is great for cleaning and nourishing my hair. Since beginning to use that a few years ago, I've not used another shampoo for longer than a fortnight. I began using this twice every time I washed my hair. First of all, the smell is lovely, sweet but not too sweet. It contains Patchouli Oil said to tame frizz and improve scalp condition. It maintains a healthy scalp for me, does exactly the same as what Miracle Moist does. This makes me happy since I thought there was only one product out there for me. Regarding frizz, nothing has ever tamed my curly, frizzy hair and I'm adamant that nothing will. I wasn't using this to tame frizz though, so I'm not disappointed. It does what it claims to do, so I'm satisfied.

Deep Moisturising Conditioner
The smell of this is also lovely, with a lasting affect on the hair. The Patchouli Oli in the conditioner is also to tame frizz, but I also do not notice less frizz in my hair, but I don't expect there to be since nothing has ever worked. However, the Ylang Ylang inside claims to soothe hair for a smooth finish and ease tangles. This does work, very well. Since using this I wouldn't even need a brush/comb on my hair since my fingers can get all the tangles out. My hair is softer since using the conditioner and I use both the shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair now, sorry Aussie!

Intensive Deep Repair Mask
I try to use this once a week/every other week to add some extra nourishment into my hair. Since adding more ombre to my hair, the ends have become more brittle and thin despite me having really thick hair. This adds a little 'oomph' to it. It smells very similar, if not the same and is more of a condensed version of the conditioner. I applied this once about 4 hours before a shower and the results were great once I had rinsed it out. Despite no frizz taming, it adds a lovely shine which I can't say I experience often.

Deep Moisturising Hair Repair
This is a leave in conditioner to spray on your partially dried hair. It includes the same ingredients in the rest of the range and adds a bit of extra nourishment once you've began to dry your hair. It isn't sticky like other leave in conditioners and although I don't see a huge difference, it definitely works. My hair smells even nicer after using this on top too.

Overall, using all four products together have conditioned my hair and helped mend it a little after using bleach on it. The smell is lovely and lasts until I next clean my hair. I keep rambling about the lack of frizz taming but I genuinely don't expect it from any product as I seem to have wild lion hair that just doesn't want to be controlled!

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