My hair was screaming out to me that it needed a little TLC and there's no better way to replenish the moisture in your hair than with a treatment for it. This is Redken's Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction* RRP £21.25 from HairTrade. I worked with HairTrade before on this post of some lovely extensions and they're really helpful on twitter if you have any questions!

This is a sulfate-free hair mask for colour treated hair like mine. Although I didn't dye my hair for about 18 months, and my hair really needed that break, I dyed it and bleached it again in January and I instantly noticed how dry the ends are. After using this my hair overall definitely feels stronger, and the consistency of the mask is really nice. The mask aims to extend the life of your hair colour, but with bleach it doesn't change so I can't comment much on that! It does add  lovely shine to your hair.

I love using this once every two weeks as I also use other hair masks and treatments so my hair doesn't get used to one particular product. For the price you pay, you get a lot of product, and you don't need much. I imagine it will take me a long while before I get through this! This is a unisex product so can be used on anyone, the smell isn't strong enough to 'suggest' it should be used by women only.

The only down side is the size of the tub is so big, if you have a small shower you may get water in it which I have the bad habit of accidentally doing... Let my clumsiness not overshadow a product!

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