Here I have the lovely Ella dress by Chi Chi* paired with my Primark heels (also featured in this post). If you didn't already know, blue is my favourite colour, and aside from when I was young and pink was the next big thing, I've always been fond of blue. It's my nan's favourite colour and I think that's probably why, as I'm so fond of my nan and she has been an inspiration to me my whole life. I know she would love this dress!
This is a tight fitting dress, pulling you in at the waist, with a zip up one side. Since it is very structured on top, and the skirt part flows out, it would make a lovely occasion dress. I'd definitely wear this to a wedding. The sleeves are nice but also tight fitting, depending on your size. The sweetheart element is gorgeous, complimenting your figure and adding a feminine touch. If you're not fond of your thighs and knees, this is a fabulous dress for covering them. It is advertised as 'teal' but personally I would say it was more of a blue colour, which I prefer.

I am normally a size 10 in everything, let me start off here. I do have a moderately sized chest and sometimes this does get in the way. I didn't wear a bra with this dress, since the material is thick and is tight fitting so you don't need one unless you have really big boobs. The zip went most of the way up, with thanks to my chest, but you couldn't tell unless I lifted my arm all the way up. If I had known it would have been as tight, I would have bought a 12 simply for comfort on the arms and chest area, but the waist might have been too big. Female issues.

I love how although there is a sweetheart style part to the front of the dress, it doesn't overly accentuate the chest, so no matter how big/small your boobs are, the dress would compliment them. I felt pulled in at the waist and wasn't conscious of my body aside from at my arms, as the sleeves pull in at a certain point of your arm so it wasn't the most flattering.

I really like this dress. I chose it to be fair! If I was to go back in time, I would have emailed Chi Chi and measured myself all around and asked them what size to get, but considering I'm a size 10 in every dress going apart from this, I didn't know. It would be lovely for prom with pale blue heels and a clutch, or even with silver accessories. If you're a tummy-conscious gal like me, it is a stunning piece to own!
This dress retails at £54.99.
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