To me , Yves Rocher is a brand you know can deliver on quality products, and after trying out some of their skincare products such as their hand and body creams and their facial serums I jumped at the opportunity to test out their makeup. I didn't know they made makeup but since their skincare range suits my sensitive skin, I knew that their makeup wouldn't react badly and should be of a high quality.

I've spoken previously of my lack of brown eyeshadows and willingness to use them. As a blonde, I tend to make my eyes stand out with black and silver shadows and liners in contrast with my pale skin and hair. I feel like brunettes can pull off brown shadows more but this gave me the chance to really try them out. I used the Fixing Eyelid Primer* (£12.50) all over my lids first to prevent any eye products creasing and fading away. It adds the most subtle hint of colour which I love as I have an uneven skin tone even on my eyes. The primer contains Camellia oil and fills in wrinkles and fine lines, which I am yet to have. 

I then applied a base colour from the Quad Eyeshadow Sumptuous Colour in Red-Hot Brown* (£25.00) all over my lid, followed by the grey-beige shade in my crease, blending it towards the outer corner with the darkest brown. I applied a little of the shimmery lighter brown all over using a blending brush to smooth out any harsh edges. I was pleasantly surprised that using brown shades suit my hair colour. To line the eyes, I used the Creamy Kohl Eye Pencil* (£15.90). I've experienced the cone-shaped eyeliner before and having not used enough of either, I'm incredibly curious to discover how wide the eyeliner will get as you use it more. Anyway, I smudged this in since I was wearing this in the daytime, I didn't want to look like I was about to hit the town at 9am heading into the library to write my dissertation. The line is fairly black with an easy application but as I said, I don't know how easy it will be to apply once you've used a fair amount.

To complete the look, I applied the Mascara Volume Vertige* (£22.00). The brush feels similar to Benefit's They're Real but a lot thicker. My lashes did look nice, but I'm so fussy with mascaras and I prefer a thick brush without the comb texture. For someone who loves a comb texture and wants a volumising mascara, this is a product for you.

I adore the packaging of these products, the metallic parts of the eyeshadow quad and mascaras look gorgeous together, although they do display your fingerprints beautifully, so I admit I did spend a few minutes wiping them off before I took my photos! All of these products are currently on offer on the Yves Rocher website so head over and have a nose! They include natural ingredients which are a lot nicer than having tons of chemicals, especially when it comes to makeup and skincare products.

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